What are your remedies for morning sickness?

Morning sickness isn't fun for anyone and can be really tough to handle while you are already caring for young kids. What remedies did you find that helped ease the discomfort of morning sickness?

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Peppermint candy and Trident spearmint gum were really helpful.

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I know this is a old post - Remedies for Morning sickness -
Before going to bed @ night eat 2-3 crackers drinking 7 up /sprite - same thing in the morning before even getting out of bed - worked for me for when i was pregnant with my son - my daughter i didnt know i was pregnant until i was in the car accident - and with her i only really had car sickness while riding in the backseat of a older cadalac - going up the mountain and down the mountain.

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For me the key was staying fed. I suffered from all day nausea in the beginning, because I hadn't changed my eating habits to accommodate my pregnancy. Once I changed me old habits, the nausea seemed to get better. But here are a few of the tips that I found helped me.
1. Keep a handful of cracker or a banana and some water or juice by your bed, so as soon as you wake up you can have a quick little snack before starting your morning routine.
2. I found that 4 small meals throughout the day was a better way to keep on top of me diet. Add in a few high vitamin, protein packed snacks in between meals to keep hunger at bay.
3. Keep granola bars or packages of nuts in your purse and car. Having a healthy choice handy keeps you moving, and keeps the unwanted pounds from piling up.
4. Dessert, eat it! I loved fresh fruit and yogart as my late evening treat. Plus the added calcium was great for both me and baby.

The long and short of it is, to keep yourself from getting hungry. For me it seemed the more on top of staying fed I was, the lesser the nausea. I know it seems crazy to eat when you are feeling nauseas, but really it saved me.

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lemons lol gonna get a funny face everytime but it works for me

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With my daughter, salad amd vegetables worked. gingerale worked until i threw it up. Now, I can't stand it. With this baby, pepperoni pizza is the only thing that isn't making me nauseous. Its not really a remedy but eating what I crave helps. A lot.

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I had a good (well, not a *good*,) three months of morning sickness and I swear, if it weren't for Slim Fast shakes my daughter wouldn't be here now. The first six months they were almost exclusively the only thing I could keep down. (Not terribly healthy, but it was better than nothing.) Someone else already mentioned this, but seriously, the best thing you can do for morning sickness is to continuously eat. Saltines, ginger food (crackers, snaps, candies,) dill ... dill is very soothing for the stomach, peppermint and spearmint teas, candies, even gum will sometimes work for some people. (When I was pregnant with my daughter spearmint gum gave me the WORST heartburn, though.)

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Ginger chews would help alot. i got them from trader joes. even in the package i would smell them and start feeling a bit better. then eat one and i was good till i started to feel better
then i would get on with my day

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Vitamin B6 shots were the only way I had to control my all-day sickness. No food or other tricks helped at all.

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Spirulina capsules. If you can't take them without feeling sick, open capsule and sprinkle powder under your tongue. My midwife used it with all her pregnant, sick clients, she said it worked very well.

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Garlic candies helped me tons. I felt like the sea sickness bands did too.

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Food - you get nauseous because your body has gone too long without eating. I would keep some nuts, crackers, and maybe some ginger ale or gatorade in my nightstand and nosh a little before I even tried to get out of bed. Throughout the day, I would keep snacks. For a quick fix (the food takes a little to kick in) I used Preggie Drops (they also make them in lollipop style, but the candy was easier to carry. You can get them at maternity and some baby stores. They have citric acid, so I brushed with Pro-namel (they make some good knock-offs of it these days) 'cause my teeth are very sensitive.

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home made ginger beer

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When I was pregnant, I had horrible morning sickness. My father brought me the best remedy and it was a strange one--bitters, like you use in drinks. It's something that you have to get down really quickly (doesn't taste good at all) but once you do, it works well and lasts for many hours. You only need about a tablespoon of it. The other things I used were saltine crackers and ginger ale, eaten and sipped on slowly. Good luck to all of you who have this--no fun at all :( .
I lost 12 pounds in the first three months I carried all four of my older kids.

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Lemon drops or lemon heads worked really well with me. Gingerale really seemed to help a lot too. I also have to snack a lot throughout the day to help with the nausea. Because I just get the nausea without the vomitting, I usually gain quite a bit of weight the first trimester though. I tried the seabands and they didn't seem to work for me. All they did was make my wrists sore.

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Magnesium deficiency causes 'morning sickness'... a few sprays of magnesium oil rubbed into your skin ups the levels and makes the nausea go away. We are all deficient in magnesium due to the way the soil has been treated - so magnesium will help whether you are pregnant or not!

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