What's the best advice you got from your own mom?

Growing up you'll get lots of advice from your mom. What words of wisdom that she shared really stuck with you?

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I'm sure absolutely no one will vote for my mom's Words of Wisdom, but the older I get the more I hear them and they give me the strength to go on. These words were usually spoken when I was in the throws of some catastrophe or caught up in soul wrenching teenage angst. She would put an arm around me and calmly say, "Go ahead and cry. You won't pee so much." It was her way of saying "wipe your tears, pull up your big girl panties, and move on."

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There's always someone worse off than you are.- My mom was right!

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Trust in God, and follow Him. It's the best advice anyone could give to anyone. God sees us through the good times, and the bad if we live the kind of life He wants us to.

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Always treat people the way you would want to be treated. Even going thru confirmation this was sort of like a second commandment I learned. To this day, I try to instill in my family the words "Because nice matters. " I even have a plaque with those very words; No matter what someone does to you/or says to you. still be kind. It's not about being taken advantage of,! I just feel compelled to turn the other cheek and still be kind to that person. If more people thought that way, who knows, peace could prevail.

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Thank you for being so kind. I wish there was more people like you.

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You will never know the true meaning of life until you have children of your own. I didn't understand that she meant that understanding would happen the minute you had that first child. The more children you have the deeper the understanding.

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1.Money doesn't make you happy, it gives you choices
2.Don't every rely on a man to support you, get your own career, make your own money
3. You'll never know how much you are loved until you have children of your own
4. You can have anything you want, just not EVERYthing
5. Find a job you love, because you are going to spend a lot of your life doing it..

These are the best ones I can remember, but there were so many.... Love you mom!

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Most of these were comments my Mom made to me, but there were a few more. If you hang out with the wrong crowd and they steal from a store, don"t think they won"t turn on you to get themselves out of trouble. I didn"t think a friend would but it"s true; when it turns out to be you or them, it will always be you!

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"It's better that she cries now than you cry later." this is what my mom usually says when I'm about to give in to my kids.

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Advice? My mom was supposed to give me words of wisdom and advice? Obviously she missed that memo.

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My mom was always good with 'pearls of wisdom' that she shared with us kids. I remember when tattoos became something we were interested in, and she always said 'where would you want to see a tattoo on your Grandmother?' I quickly changed the placement of my tattoo to be covered by clothing and I shared that 'pearl' with my daughters who have also carefully thought out where they have tattoos done.
Another 'pearl' she shared everytime we left the house was to put on clean panties. She said "you never know what might happen once you go out the door and if something were to happen you will be glad you have on clean panties". Scary thing is that after going out, one of my daughters fell and broke her back in two places. She realized that the underwear rule was a good one to remember.

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Always get Ur education first, felt I was 2 eager and curious...

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"If you don't dream, your dreams cannot come true!" I have lived long enough to know this is true. Have a dream and then roll up your sleeves and go to work. After 45 years of building our dream, my husband and I find that the joy is in the journey.

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Come in when the street lights come on! Always look your best every day, you will feel better for it. Dress accordingly. Live simply. Don't eat too many starches, they will make you fat and give you a heartache- same for salt. Do something nice for someone every day.

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Every shut eye is not sleep and every goodbye is not gone! Meaning you never know who is listening and watching you.

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Write down the delightful things your grandchildren do/say; you'll forget them otherwise! Maybe this was later on in life, but she was right. I have a great list that I can go back to look at...

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my mom did not give me no advice. I got the negative respose for many examples: no don't have her learn to walk, don't give her five baths a day cause it easier to clean her up plus she loves water, don't let her climb out of the tub I let her she wants to do it, let her find her way to the door of grandma's on her own as long as she not hurting herself and my mom said no way, etc. my mom is a worry parent and over protection. I'm not and she a good girl and hardly in trouble. she is so independent. she is 20 months and 33in.

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Marry for love not money

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My mother advised that I never start smoking. She said it is really hard to quit.

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Never go out without your lipstick on and always have your own money.


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