What's a great present for a tween?

Please say if it's good for a boy or a girl or both. Feel free to provide a link if you have one.

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I am a Mom to six kids, and the one gift each year that they look forward to more than anything else? One on one time. Each year, on or around their birthday, either my husband or myself will take the birthday child out for one on one time. The outings have ranged from a bookstore to the ballet, from manicuress to a musical concert, and everything in between.

For parent-child gifts, these are perfect for building those special memories, but they do require time. When time is in short supply, I often choose personalized gifts for my tweens or young teens. I have given photo mugs, calendars comprised of pictures of a cherished pet, and photo collage posters. The possibilities with the personalized photo gifts are endless, and can include stationery sets, mousepads, even jewelry. They are pretty convenient to shop for nowadays, too, as there are numerous online sites such as Snapfish, as well as your local drugstore.

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For a tween or even a teenager, some kind of electronics for sure. The big thing for boys is a Playstation 3 and girl is an awesome cellphone.

I always keep on a lookout for used electronics. Sometimes, the big box stores sells "open box" items for 5%-10% less then the regular sticker price. Another option, would be coordinating with extended family and give your tween gift cards to the same store, then they would be closer to purchasing their big ticket item.

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As far as tangible gifts, my tweens want electronics! And any ol' electronics will do.

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That really depends on the kid! One thing we try to think about, since we are a big family, is not littering up the house with lots of "Stuff". We buy season passes to the local water park for our tweens at Christmas time. They love it! We also have done magazine subscriptions, clothes, legos, or special events as gifts. Taking the kids out to the go cart track or a musical event and building memories together is way better than an ipod touch could ever be!

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You know what's amazing? I've been a parent for 20 years now, I have 6 kids, and I have no answer to this question. None. You see, gift giving on a budget is easy when the kids are little; a quick trip to the dollar aisle, some wrapping paper, some candy - you're all set! But when they get bigger? Well, let's face it, whatever will really make them happy, I can't afford. So Larry and I settle for giving them gift cards - Best Buy for our tech geek, Target for the fashion-conscious girls, maybe one to Lego.com for the 11-year-old who is still enamored of his favorite building toy.

Just lowering the bar for parents everywhere, as usual. You're welcome.

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The best present you can give a tween, boy or girl, is quality time. Actually sitting with them, listening to them, asking them questions is so unusual in their lives that this will make a great impact. Take them out for ice cream, or even better, treat them like a grownup and take them for coffee! Listen, listen, affirm and encourage.

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As the mother of a dozen children, I have bought a LOT of presents for "tween-agers". My favorites for this age are: books (it's a great time to help them develop a love for reading); art kits (so important to help them develop creativity); sporting equipment (because they need to get outside and play); and science kits (academic and fun all wrapped up in one). I do not purchase movies, video games, or electronics for this group, as I believe they need to develop their minds (with creative and critical thinking skills), as well as working to be physically fit. So many of our kids nowadays are missing these critical activities for brain development and physical development.

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I love to get crazy with themed gifts! Some examples:

I bought a cute fabric covered storage box and filled it with books. I got them each an Eye Spy- type book, a book of poetry, a novel or two, a biography or autobiography, an art book with colored pencils or other media, etc., a puzzle book, like crossword, Sudoku, etc., a sketch book, and a fun type book like Mad- Libs.

I went to our local spots outfitter and bought "Scappoose Indians" (our town and mascot) themed gifts.I bought school colored drawstring, tote or sports bags and had them personalized for just a few more dollars. I filled them with softball or soccer socks, sweatpants, volleyball shorts, t-shirts, and jackets. All of this in school colors and with our logos and team names on them. SOooo fun!

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My son has been asking for a PS3 for a year. It is out of my budget as his sister is not interested. Usually I will spend on one big thing like this for them to share. Has anyone had success buying a used station? Do some upgrade to newer versions and sell the old one?

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Journals, special notebooks, pens, erasers. My daughter this age LOVES that kind of thing!

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- I would say you can't go wrong with electronics :-)
- Also, if you know the kid well, you know what they are passionate about and can get them something more specific to their liking.
- video games for the consoles (the newest ones are of course the best)
- a pair of headsets for their mp3 player - they have some nice ones coming out from artists they might like
- camera
- gift card to their favorite clothing store (makes them feel independent)
- ipod touch
- laptop/ipad

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Great question! I have noticed that as my kids approach the teens they are more picky about what they like and don't really mark up those good 'ole catalog toy books anymore. I love the ideas about gift certificates to amusement parks, concerts, and such. However, at the younger teen ages, I still think they are looking for something more tangible under the tree. Electronics is an easy win, but can be expensive. A popular book series can be a big winner (check with other moms and the teacher for options). Also, craft projects are good for older children as well as younger. Models, robotics, sewing, wood carving, ect... http://www.mykryptonites.blogspot.com/

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Humm a great present for a tween?
I have boys in that age group and they like to get hand held games like Nintendo DS or games for it and books from their favorite series! My boys also like to get tennis shoes from the trendy teen stores in the mall. Having a large family those types of things are a treat or for gifts.....not an every day occurance like most other families.

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