What's your biggest fear about your child leaving home?

Having your child move out onto their own is a huge adjustment for all parents. What is your biggest fear about your child moving out? What is your advice for moms experiencing these types of fears?

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I share Kathie's fear wholeheartedly, only difference is he does have a car, although not allowed to have it on campus and I don't have skype, can't see him...
Fortunately, (to date) he has not yet given in to peer pressure (or so I understand)!
(By the way, my son hasn't lived with me the past 5+ years, as he's been with his dad and stepmom, which makes it even worse!)

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My biggest fear is my son being taken advantage of. He is currently 2200 miles away at college in Canada and has been doing well, but I worry that he will get ripped off because he is naive and trusting and sometimes just too nice. I also worry about him having some kind of terrible accident or getting beat up and being too far away for me to help him. I'm just glad he doesn't have a car. If he were driving I doubt I'd be able to sleep at night....To be honest my biggest fear in my entire life is something happening to one of my kids :(

The advice I can think of is to be there for your child. Mine has thanked me for my support and says it makes being away much easier knowing I am there if he needs me. My husband and I Skype with him every week and he stays in touch with his brother and girlfriend that way too. Electronic communication has made his being away much easier on all of us :)

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This is my biggest fear also. I do worry about someone taking advantage of my child. You can love them and raise them right. They can behave responsibly when you are not there. Butthere is never a guarantee that the world will treat your baby right. I love cell phones and computers. How would we let go without them?

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I'm with Kathie. My daughter is quite mature but she is compassionate and I worry that she might be taken advantage of. She hardly dated at all in high school so I worry that her judgement regarding boys isn't honed, yet. One boy lied to her and she became very attached to who he presented himself to be, which was not a true picture. I don't think her radar is fully developed, yet.

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My son moved away to college in September. Even though it is only an hour outside the city and he is able to get home fairly often as he has a car it's still a worry. He's had his license for a couple of years but he has always been an adreline junkie and is one to enjoy speed and that worries me especially when he drives on the highway.
My other fear has to do with his outgoing personality and love of partying. I remember my years at university and the partying I did so I shudder at what he could get into. Right now he is holding onto good marks and enjoys the program he is in. I know I can't be with him and only hope common sense pervails and he remembers talks we had about peer pressure. I knew his friends and they often hung out at our house but now there is a whole new circle of friends.
I know I can't control his growing up and this new chapter in my life is scary.

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It is scary Kathy, and I totally understand your fears,,,,we just have to hold onto hope and trust that they will take with them the things that we have taught them and of course hold that door wide open should they make mistakes and need to come back x

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Been there done that and.....had the perfect daughter, but when she moved out it was like freedom 4 her, very stressful! They get around their friends without parents around and everything changes, just hope 4 the best.

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Mine is a toddler, but I guess it's fear of my girl leaving home and not telling me if she's having problem in her life!

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I wish my son would grow up an at least get a ptime job i dont give him any money. He eats sleeps an poops just like a baby an thats it AN HES 17!!!!!

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It is one of the hardest things in the world,,,,,all you can do is pat them on the back and be there for them if they fall or need you in any way,,,,,try not to say I told you so,,,,,,they have to learn by their own mistakes.


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