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When can I give my 11 week old apple juice?

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Not until 6 months or after. And there are a lot of calories in apple juice, water would be better..

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Apple juice has a lot of acid--unsweetened or not. Calories do not matter for babies as a proper weight needs to be maintained for motor skill development and fine skill development. Acid can upset a stomach and result in colic. It is best to introduce juice later in the first year if not at the first year AND the juice needs to be diluted with water at first. The natural sugars in juices also can erode fragile first teeth. Formula and/or breast milk is best until you introduce grain cereals somewhere in the four month period.

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Put off giving juice as long as possible. The ideal is breastmilk or formula only until 6 months. At 6 months when you start introducing solids you can also introduce water to drink. At a year you can introduce milk it you want, but if your baby is still nursing, or is sensitive to milk you don't have to. As for juice, it's kind of like giving candy or ice cream. Delay it as long as you can. It's bad for teeth. It spikes blood sugar, and artificially fills kids up. It makes it difficult for kids to get into the habit of drinking water because they acquire a taste for sweet drinks. The few vitamins in juice are vastly outweighed by the sugar. Store bought juice is not as healthy as people think it is.

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I would never recommend juice or any other drink other than breastmilk or formula for a baby. Water when they give up the formula. All those juices even the ones that say 100% juice are just junk food. Also they do not need extra water- they get all they need from the breastmilk or formula.

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We gave it around 8 months and we watered it down.


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