When is a child too old for a lovey?

Many kids have a favorite stuffed animal or blanket that they don't want to go anywhere without. Most grow out their lovely phase naturally, but for those that don't, at what age would you start to wean them off it? What are some tricks for doing so?

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I would actually do nothing. I would let the child wean him/herself from it naturally. Even if takes a long time. I personally do not think anything wrong with it.

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I think they should have it as long as they want it. Unless it's a pacifier (which I think should be gone by age 3), I don't see anything wrong with them having a Teddy bear or a blanket as long as they want if it's their comfort. It's not like you'll see a 15 year old taking a blanket to school with them!

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I wouldn't worry about it too much, but if it's bothering you, then start setting limits on where "lovey" is allowed to go. Only in the house, only in the bedroom, only in bed, etc. You can work it down to something acceptable over time. Eventually lovey will be tossed or put up in a special place.

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my 14 yr old stills has a Stinky Blankie ...

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I wouldn't do anything. They will wen themselves, usually when they get to an age where it's not "cool" to spend he night with a friend lugging a teddy or something. Heck I still have mine, I don't sleep with it of course, but I'm a mom...I don't really sleep.

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We all have our comfort objects everyone does even if we are not thinking about them we have them. Let your child deside when they are ready it is their security their comfort their bit of their loving home part of mom and dad their friend even if it is a raggy blanky or thread bear stuffed toy . keep it clean as possible and let your child be a child. Just make sure that it nevers gets lost or life will never be the same for a long time :)

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I have two blankets and a bear that i take everywhere now.THe from birth thr now and will only hand them down to my grandbabies, THe bear was made with love after his father died. My spouse that is nuts but we were together5 years before we he realized that in the bags they went for vacations!

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Do we really need to add another lie or trick to our children? Who cares if the child has a favourite toy! With commonsense I would thought it best to explain to the child that it might be best to leave the toy at home, just for bed time etc. We don't allow our 3yr take her Buntie out of the house unless she needs a comfort day and we explain he stays in the car! I'm 42yr and you know what I still have Snowy and everytime I look at her she fills me with love! Get over the political correctness and get back to commonsense - SO WOULD LOVE commonsense to be "political correct" for a change! I'm so not politically correct I'm bringing my child up with the 1950's morals with extra value to equality!


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