When did you first give your baby's hair cut?

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My niece had haircut when she was 8 months old.

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I had my son's hair cut at a kids' salon two months before he turned 2. Since then, I do it at home-not well, but I hack it off!

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Sad,but true! I used to be a hairdresser,so my son had his first haircut at 3 days old and my daughter at 3 weeks old.I used safety,nail scissors,so that I was sure,not to harm my babies,but would not suggest this to anyone else,who doesn't have prior skills.
It's extermely difficult to get children under 4 years of age,to sit still for a haircut and due to this,there is a risk,particularly,with a sharp pair of scissors around eyes and ears.
At the same time,long whispy bits of long baby hair,hanging down,do not look particularly attractive,but care and safety,are the top priorities,in cutting youngsters hair.

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My son is 18 months and he has never had a hair cut.
He has curly hair, so its about down to his neck now, his bangs are kinda long, so I just out them to the side.
He doesn't sit still, he's a VERY active kid, never likes to sit down, so I don't think I would be able to cut his hair.
BUt I don 't want too. My husband's side of the family is spanish and the boys have long hair as babies and get their first hair cut around 4 years of age, which is what i want to do.

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my twins never had a haircut until they were 3 years of age. they never had the hair to get cut before then. So i suppose it would depend on how long the baby's hair is...


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