When do toddlers become aware of their actions?

Babies develop very quickly - they start out helpless but quickly learn to understand the consequences of their actions. When is it that toddlers start becoming aware of their actions?

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Children pick up on the behavior: response relationship very early, I think. From the first time that they smile and everyone applauds or they cry and someone comes to help, they start to understand this. The next couple of years, they spend learning by trial, what actions get what kind of response, if any. By three years old, I think they have a grasp on right and wrong, but still have a compulsive bent.

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My son is 20 months old. And I honestly believe that he is still not aware that most of his actions will get him into trouble. I believe that he's still in the "trial and error" stage. Where he keeps doing the same thing to see if he gets the same result. So at this stage, it's crucial to follow thru and be consistent for them. Meaning: If you don't want them to play with a vase full of flowers and you tell them not to touch it, then the next time they try and do it, you better follow thru. At this stage, I give him a warning and let him know why I don't want him to do what he's doing and the next time he does it, he gets a timeout. He may not understand the whole thing but eventually he will understand that if momma tells me no, I better listen the first time. Or he will eventually understand that "vase" is off limits to play with. haha

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I have been having difficulty with my 17 month old son throwing his toys. I continue to tell him no and continue to positively enforce it is ok to throw balls. I don't know if he understands the difference yet. Does anybody have any suggestions. Should I discipline him for throwing toys?

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My son is 2 1/2 and although he is aware of his actions, he sometimes decides to go for trial and error anyway. But I think being aware of your actions and understanding WHY you are being told not to do something are two totally different things. If he doesn't understand why we're saying no, then he will usually try it out for himself. He's a very busy boy! Very independent and somewhat of a daredevil. The complete opposite of my 10 year old.

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My granddaughter is 10 months old and when I tell her NO not to get into something or do something, she listens. She is aware.

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I don't think they begin understanding and aware of there actions till around a year and a half. That is when DD started understanding no no and ouwee and is beginning to understand doing some things will get mommy mad. she still has a way to go to completely understand.

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I think this "learning to understand consequences" is really many steps. 1 is cause and effect, I think toddlers definitely understand that. Another is context, you may say don't touch the vase, but every new environment you have to start over, they don't generalize the instruction to cover all vases. Another is impulse control, this last one I don't think Toddlers have. My daughter has my voice in her ear or her own repeat of what I have said to help with the impulse control like "we dont play on stairs"

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most probably at 8 months, wen they can coordinate everything n some even start walkin but also depends on different babies


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