When do you start feeding your baby three meals a day?

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The recommendation here is to build up to 3 meals per day by 6 months (or within 2-3 weeks after if you only start solids at 6 months).

However, we're doing BLW and I'm being a bit relaxed about it. Some days we just don't fit them all in, but the overall trend is to increasingly fit in 3 more often than not. At the moment, it seems silly for me to obsess over doing 3 meals too much though when she will often not eat anything. If we were doing purees it would be a different story though - I think I'd be a bit more rigid with that.

DD is 7 months next week and I'm just aiming to be doing 3 meals consistently by 8-9 months or when she eats more of what she is offered, whichever happens first.


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