When do you stop burping your little one?

Babies need a little help burping when they're young. When can you let them handle burping themselves?

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I guess I've always done as Rebecca has. It does make sense that once they are sitting you wouldn't need to burp them anymore. However that's only if your baby stays awake after a feeding. Otherwise if they fall asleep at the breast or with the bottle I feel you should still burp them because I had plenty of children that would wake up during the night with 2 hour gas attacks and then I was walking the floor holding them facing out trying to help them expel it before they woke up the whole household with their cries. It's no different with adults that eat too late before they go to bed and then wake up with indigestion.

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I stop when they do it on their own when i sit them up on my lap... babies will fuss when they have gas, so if they arent fussing neither do i!

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With both of my children, when they could sit up on their own, and crawl, thats when I stopped burping them. They would burp themselves very soon after eating when they reached that stage.

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My daughter started eating baby food at 4 months.. By then she was also moving around alot, holding her head up, and starting to roll over,.... She walked at a year and talked at 9 months so as soon as she started moving around she'd burp herself most of the time... Sometimes at night we'd help just to make sure she didn't get gas as she slept.. But her pediatriacian said she did everything early... Except potty train unfortunately lol.

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I would say when they r finished breast or bottle feeding. Most babies will burp on their own once they can sit up but I don't take any chances for gas to build up. My kids always burped quickly so a few pats on the back wasn't a big deal even as they were older.

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At 7 months

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Here they explained in detail http://pediatrics.about.com/od/weeklyquestion/a/05_burping.htm

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I stopped with my daughter after about 6 mths..only because I would be holding her and burping her and she would just be looking at me like, nothing is in there...and she would sit on the floor and ultimately burp herself from moving around..

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I stopped burping my daughter when she was about 3-4 months old. I started noticing that whenever I would go to get her into burping position, she would work it out on her own. After a little while of burping before I had the chance to try and help her, I decided she could do it on her own. She never had any trouble after that.

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My son is quite difficult to burp (he's almost three months). So i find that after he's nursed and is sleeping, when i try to wind him, because it takes so long he wakes up. So i put him on his tummy to sleep and then in rub his back until he does release the gas. On occasions that i dont, he brings up the milk whilst he's asleep. In other instances I get lucky he burps as soon as I raise him to my shoulder (but this doesnt happen often).

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in all honesty i would say about once they come to the time they can support their head real well. I got lucky with both mine and i never really had to burp them. I would just have them sit upright after eating for about 20 minutes and their burps would come naturally.

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I'm the same as Rebecca, once they started crawling and sitting themselves up I stopped burping them. Once with my first son I was feeding him at a bus stop and when he came off a lady sitting next to me was concerned that I hadn't burped him ( he was 9 months) so I dont know if it's a big deal but it was to her!


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