When does a boy mature and stop playing games?

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I would say maturing to a man has nothing to do with playing games. I think its about responsiblity. WHen a guy grows up to adulthood, if he takes responsibility to heart he could still be a gamer. As long as he works, pays the bills, has food on the table, a roof overhead, and utilities paid, taken care of family if there is one and other things first, there is no reason he can not play video games...but there are other games too. I even play video games sometimes. Does that mean I am immature? I am also a MOM.

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Some NEVER stop. There are MANY adult male gamers. IT is a lucrative business and you can get a college degree in gaming and gaming related career opportunities. Welcome to the new Generation of technology, but tread lightly. New research shows gaming addicts. Losing jobs, families, money and ending up in Rehab for it!

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who says the two are inclusive? I am a 27 year old gamer mom myself. I do homework with my daughter, cook dinner, go to school functions, and arrange play dates like any other mom. I also happen to enjoy playing video games like Dragon Age, Bioshock, etc. I also have been a member of a weekly table top gaming group. Maturity has nothing to do with it. It is something I enjoy in a way that some women enjoy going to the spa. for me it is relaxing. I even let my 7 yr old play Sims 2 pets on out PlayStation 2 and she loved it. Gaming is a fantastic culture and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it!

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What does maturity have to do with playing games. My husband is 47, his dad is 75 and they still play all sorts of games.. From on line rpgs to card games to board games..


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