When is a good age to take away the pacifier?

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I say 2 because they understand more. You can explain to them that they "lost" it or that is "Broke" or we need to "donate" them to new babies.
At 2 I did the Snip it trick to wean my DD and after just 2 day's she gave it up on her own!

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I agree with Lora Roy... At around the age of 2 children do have a better ability to also communicate, hey I am a first time grandma here, and I never had the ability to have this much support... so this not only helps me, but also my Daughter in law... who is a first time Mommy...

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Usually by a year to 18 months. The older the child gets, the more dependant they become on their pacifier to soothe them.

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I think under a year, the pacifier should not be givin to a baby all the time it is a comfort thing. My son started to play with his at 3 months so that ended his pacifier, my daughter was about 8 month.

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coming from a dentist the proper age is between three and six months. It can and more than likely will cause the paletes of the month to be deformed causing crooked teeth, under/over bites, etc....

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should have never use on in the first place. we only did to get her to sleep and she did not want it after four months. she broke herself and stop using the bottle at 13 months. she broke herself off the bottle. I let her tell me when she is ready. she told me she was ready for the toddler bed when she rip her crib tent which kept the cats out. she still sleep till 9am in her toddler bed and goes to be between 9 to 10 at night.

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Never feel guilty about giving your child a pacifier if they need it. I say, take it away when they start to talk so you can understand them.
I only gave one to my boy when I was pulling my hair out. He always seemed so 'pacified' when he had it and alert but was always so panicked without. My family made me feel guilty giving it to him. Now he's a manic child, always looking for physical ways to gain comfort and not good at sitting, observing or hands play and now has help at school. I blame this on my pulling his dummy away. Giving him it at night gave me a full nights sleep (happy mom) and no-one to guilt me. He's slept brilliantly and gave it up himself at 2.5 years.

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i really dont know? but i m worried if it causes some health problems?

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I say its open. My first daughter never used one but my second did. I started testing her at about 14 months. After she fell asleep I would take it to see if when she woke up she would go back to sleep without it. And I only gave it to her to go to sleep with, not to use all day. Kinda weaning her off of it. At 16 months she no longer had it and there were no problems =)

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I think 18 months to 2 years

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I believe you should take the pacifier away as soon as possible, It's the hardest thing to break them from.
Switch there baby bottle out when the child is about 9 months old. give them a soft top sippy cup. this has worked for all of my grand children.
And by being able to control what they drink makes potty training so much easier.

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Not as hard as a thumb.... :D

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My daughter will be 3 in March. I have not taken her pacifier away yet because when she does not have it (only at night is she allowed to have it) she will suck her thumb. I know that the thumb is harder to wean off because it is always available. Any suggestions?

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4 of my kids gave it up by 6 months, the eldest child was the hardest to get away from it. she was 13 months and i ended up just rounding them all up and throwing them away.

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my first baby spit it out right away and bever used one. my second daughter I tried a different binki called soothie and she took to it...very hard habit to break I think she was about 4 before she stopped using them but shes 8 now and sucks her thumb..same with my daughter whis now 5- -my opinion is dont introduce binkis..they can cause damage in the form of their pallet.

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for the thumb you can buy a product at rite aid that is safe to put on her thumb but tastes horrible.

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It is much eaiser to take away a pacie than a thumb. My boys had theirs until they learned to crawl then it was crib only when they started walking they were gone. It is dangerous for a child to be walking with a pacifier in their mouth, a simple fall can do a lot of dammage to their mouth.

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