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When will my baby start sleeping through the night?

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The short answer is When it is ready!
Firstly, you need to define sleeping through the night! Some mums think that sleeping through means a good 12 hour sleep whilst others think more than 4-6 hours at a time is sleeping through. I have three children, all were breastfed babies. The first slept through from about 6 months, the second didn't sleep through until he was about 3 and a half years and my youngest is just starting to sleep through now at 6 months but it is still only three nights out of four. Be patient, each child is different and they are babies for such a short time, try and enjoy thier babiness while you can...

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my 6 month old started sleeping from 3 months but she would wake up for feed and then would sleep again..i was comfortable with that rather that playing with her in the middle of the night..

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From what my friends has been telling me that baby doesn't sleep through the night until he/she gets to 6 months old?

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My son slept less and less as he got older. By seven months he was up every hour wanting to feed. He would feed for one minute and fall asleep in my arms. Sounds sweet but this got tiring night after night. My husband sleep trained him and in three days he was sleeping all night and waking for 5 am feed which he dropped within weeks. Many people think sleep training is cruel and everyone has a right to voice opinions in a respectful manner. As a mother you will do your own research and make your own conclusions regarding the well being of your child.

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Babies wake up for feeding and even older children may not sleep through the night. With a little patting, if the child goes back to sleep quickly, is already a bliss! I co-sleep as my baby has eczema, and got very used to waking and stop the scratching on and off through the night, so I'd say sleeping through the whole night is certainly not common for me!
Hugs, anyone losing lots of sleep?
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I was lucky, my daughter slept from 11 pm until 6/7 am from about 3 weeks old, and again my son is nearly 4 weeks old, and hes just starting to go from 12am - 6/7am 5 nights out of 7. I do have them following the Gina Ford routine very strictly though because it worked so well for my daughter. Shes 4 now and she sleeps from 7pm until 7/8am EVERY night, shes always been very good at sleeping. i know Im a very lucky mummy :) x

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maybe never , maybe soon. Each person is unique and some people are light sleepers and never sleep well . You will be very lucky if your baby is one of those good sleepers.


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