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When is it OK to start taking your baby trick or treating?

It is no surprise that Halloween is enjoyed by many school aged children. But when can you take your baby trick or treating?

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Whenever you want. It can be fun to dress tiny babies up, take pictures and visit friends and family. And when you've got older kids you often have no choice but to bring the baby along.

You can do some awesome baby wearing and stroller costumes :

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When they are old enough to walk and talk, and to say trick or treat themselves. It is unfortunate that so many children do not do this activity which their parents enjoyed so much when they (I) were young. It is another dying tradition. Sad to see it go.

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We have a Halloween party every year for our kids. I buy a TON of candy, and we decorate cupcakes, play Rock Band/Guitar Hero into the wee hours, and just go crazy with junk food. This way we are not out in the dark, I know our candy is safe, nobody pees in their pants because of the lack of a bathroom nearby, I don't have to listen to the bratty kids behind us SCREAMING because they are not getting to eat their candy RIGHT NOW, nobody's feet hurt, nobody gets cold....the list goes on and on. We live in WA so it is always freezing on Halloween, sometimes raining, and the kids LOVE our halloween parties! :-)


My baby is 1ond can him go on the 31

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Everything I have read regarding Halloween etiquette states it is rude to expect to receive candy for a baby who cannot walk on their own. Candy isn't cheap! Etiquette sources state if you want to dress up your baby and take your baby with you while the other children trick or treat, that is fine. But it is rude for a parent to carry along a pail for candy for a baby who cannot walk on his or her own. That candy will be eaten by the parents, not the baby. Be considerate and if you want to "trick or treat" at grandma's house, fine, let grandma give your baby candy. But your neighbors should not be
expected to do thar. It is fine if you want to show off your little one in costume, just don't ask strangers and neighbors for candy. Source:

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Sone say when they are old enough to walk and talk! irresponsible parenting advice, teaching to them ask strangers for treats or tricks for no logical real reason.

Simply its giving wrong message to young children, providing protection ,then allowing young children to go to strangers doors knock and asking for a treat Lollies or a trick in this day and age , um stupid, and not a tradition in our home our country.

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You cannot see the difference between a child being accompanied by their parent while going trick or treating and a child asking for candy from a stranger, really? Let me explain... In one case the child is safely with the parent doôngn an activity that the parent has approved. In the other situation a child does not have parental approval and is alone.... See the difference? This IS a tradition HERE and since you are HERE you should show some respect. If you don't like the USA and how we do things then LEAVE!

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Well Halloween is for kids, when they old enough to walk I guess and talk. But is up to you if you want to take your kid trick or treating you can.

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Halloween is for kids, and kids of all ages, so I say enjoy! If you want to show off your baby in his costume, then go for it, or if you want to have a part instead, do that. Enjoy your family, and celebrate the holiday.

This will be our first holiday with our 9 month old baby, and we're going all out, dressing him up as Elmo, and taking him out to a few houses, then handing out candy. I talk about my adventures with him on my blog, - it took us over 10 years to have him, so we are not letting any of these special moments go by uncelebrated.

My advice, don't let the good times go by without celebrating them the way you want. Cheers! Amy A,

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Last year, when our daughter was 7 months, we dressed her as a ladybug and took her down the block to all the neighbors (whom we know very well) to show her off. Daddy ended up eating her candy, since she was too young.
Also last year, our church had a costume party and games, and candy. It was a great outreach to the kids in the neighborhood, and parents knew where their kids were.
This year, our girl will be 19 months. We will do the same thing. It's fun, but she doesn't need the sugar (and neither does Daddy!).
It will probably be at 2 1/2 when we let her go door-to-door. But only for 4 or 5 blocks or so, and with at least one of us.

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my older kids started trick or treating around 4-5yrs old, but i dress my 2 youngest who are 2yrs and 15months old, just for fun, and may carry them round with us but they dont join in on the door to door etc

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Until they are old enough to eat the candy, its really not for the kids but the adults. That being said we did take my baby to 3 friends houses on Halloween to take pictures. By the following year she was 17 months so we did just a few again. At 2 we really started going to more and added houses each year. I liked the idea of going to the mall. Halloween is the best holiday ever!!

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as soon as they fit in a costume! any ages past 2 months depending on the baby 6 months :) Halloween trick or treatin doesn't have to last hours on end either! just walking around to get the experience

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I have a 10 yo and an almost 4 yo. I didn't take him out trick or treating for his first Halloween, because I was still recovering from his C-Section, but he's gone out every year since. He was two I think when I let him go door to door with his older sis rather than hang out in the stroller.

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I took my son when he was 4 months old, It was his first Halloween. We only did a few houses, but it was fun to dress him up and take him out.

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You can take them as soon as you feel the right time is. My daughter was 11 months old last year at Halloween and we did get her a costume but the only house we went to was my mom's just to have pictures taken. She will be almost 2 this year and we will once again be dressing her up along with her brother who will be 10 months old and taking them to Grandma's for pictures and around their neighborhood to a few houses of the people my parents know. At young ages I don't plan on taking them around to a lot of houses just my parents neighbors since they won't be allowed to have the candy anyway but once they are older (6+) then we will take them to bigger neighborhoods, they still won't get a lot of the candy but it's fun for kids to go out and trick-or-treat.

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My daughter's first Halloween she was almost four months old so we dressed her up and walked around the mall with her to show her off, just pushed her around the mall in the stroller and a few people put some candy on the strollers tray. The next year at 16 months old we took her to "Trunk or Treat" at a local church, two rows of vehicles parked so you could walk around their decorated trunks and trick or treat which was great cause we live in the country where the next house is a mile away. My daughter got carried pretty much the whole time cause she was in the stage where she wouldn't hold hands but she would put her bucket out and collected tons of candy!! Probably going to do the same this year and if i'm not working maybe find a fun activity to do before trick or treating...

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It is okay to start taking your baby trick or treating when they turn around two years old or older.

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I took my daughter when she was about 1 month old, it is cold where we live so had something cute and warm. Mainly just wanted to show her off and try to meet some others in the area that we live.

People thought that I was literally carrying around a doll till she started to move.

It was fun. Some don't take their kids and do alternate activity like in a mall where it is nice and warm or the zoo other places have things inside that you can do. Enjoy if you go if not wait till older.

Either way gotta take pics! :)

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Finally someone who sees eye to eye with me about this topic. I've had arguments with family recently about taking my newly born child trick or treating in a warm costume this Halloween. Not to strangers of any sort just people we know around the neighborhood, friends, and family. I don't understand why people are having such a for about taking the babies. I was a week old when my mother took me out for Halloween to show me off, I don't think age should matter as long as the baby is warm and cozy

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My son was four months last year and I took him trick-or-treating. He slept through most of it, but I think it makes for a lot of cute pictures and it's best to start traditions from birth then they never miss anything =)

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costume contests as soon as they are born! lol my kids have won 1st-3rd places ..... trick or treating ... age one and up :) my kids LOVE Halloween ♥

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i started trick or treating when my son was four he joyed it with his older sister

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I live in deep south Texas so I don't have to worry about the weather on Halloween so she went when she was 10 1/2 months old. It wasn't about the candy it was about showing her off. We went trick or treating with her older cousins so it was fun. She only got out the stroller for a few houses.

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I took my daughter when she was three for the first time we only went to about ten houses because all she wanted to do was eat the candy as soon as she got it, and make sure you take your child pee before you go, we had to stop at a friends house so she could go :OP.

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I took my son when he was just a few months old, but just around our neighborhood and of course he didn't get to eat any candy. but Mommy did :)

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In the day time only" and never alone,

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We took our daughter trick-or-treating for the first time when she was a little over a year old. She was born in August, but we didn't do anything obviously when she was only 2 months old, but we did dress her up. My sister bought her a very cute Pea in a Pod bunting costume. Her first halloween going out around the neighborhood (we only went to 3 houses), she was a pink poodle. She was already walking so she enjoyed. Our next door neighbor had a poodle so she kept chasing the dog around their house and just had fun. She didn't get too much candy, which we already knew, and she wasn't interested in the candy, so we ended up eating it.

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I started taking her the year she was born...She loved all the attention

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I took my daughter on her first Haloween when she was 4 months old with her cousins just to a few houses. I didn't take a bag for candy or anything, it was more to just have fun and show her off a bit to the neighbors who hadn't met her yet ;) I got her a really cute and warm leopard costume and had a long sleeved onsie, sweater, pants and socks on her underneath (we live in Iowa and it's usually cold by haloween!!) I am due with our second daughter on September 1st and she'll be going trick or treating with mama, big sister and their cousins!

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I took all of my children out on there very 1st holloweens my eldest was 8 months my middle son was 5 months and my little lad was 6 weeks old. I was already going out with other friends / relatives with their kids so I dressed mine up and went as well, as long as they are warm and cosy it should be fine.

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My daughter went her first Halloween, she was 10 1/2 months. She went to my dad's work where they hand out candy at their cubicles and even make huanted hallways. She was a Hawkeye cheerleader there, She also went to the mall where she wore a Halloween t-shirt that had a cat on it and cat ears and she held out a metal cat bucket that was the purrfect size for her. She went to the zoo's Spooktacular event in her official costume a warm pink monster costume, her cousins went too. Then on Halloween she went trick-or-treating at family member's and my friend's houses only. Last year she went to the zoo of course and my dad's work as alice in wonderland and on Halloween went trick or treating with her cousins around their block as well as to extended family and friend's houses in a warm monkey costume since it was a little chilly out. CAN YOU TELL HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY?!?! lol I even got her pictures done for herr first Halloween... lol but not christmas like most people.. lol She loved it from the first time she went and got a sucker at my dad's work! and figured out to hold her bucket out right away! I can't wait to take her again this year!! Wonder what costumes she will pick! :-D

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She never has gotten into christmas like she does for Halloween. It's just so much more fun and exciting! She loves pumpkin hunting and going into haunted houses at the pumpkin patch, riding the hay rack rides, carving the pumpkin, well she loves me carving it and her pulling out it's insides! lol I think it's easier for small children to grasp to concept of Halloween with the costumes and the candy. Christmas is harder since when they are little they don't understand yet who sant clause is.. they have one day of gifts and family.. Halloween is all October long!

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That is the way it is at my house. Halloween is bigger than Christmas and my daughter loves it.

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Hi I'm leanne , joshua's mum . I am sending him trick or treating this year @ 3 years old. I "m going to and dressing up with him. He has 2 older brothers 13 and 15 years old , but only the 13 year old brother will come with us.I would never let the kids go by themselves , even in their teenage years.I always give them the stranger danger talk. never go inside, while i am at the front of the houses ,watching them. Joshua loves to dress up ,so why not .

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I took my son out trick or treating when he was 4 months old but we went with my sister in-law and her kids who are older than my son. and we dressed him in a warm costume and put him in a stroller and covered him up in blankets.

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i took my daughter trick or treating when she was 1 year and 5 months she enjoyed it a lot she was able to hold her lil bucket out and understood what she was doing :) the first time i took her was 5 months she was born june 24th but when she really went was 1yr 5 months she was able to hold it her self and said thank you to everyone she loved it! btw i just answered a ? i dont need help in that department...

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My son has been trick or treating since he was a few weeks old. (he was born Oct 8.) but after he turned one he was able to hold it out and said trick or treat.

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I took my daughter for her first time when she was 8 months old. I held her and it was really a way to introduce her to my parents neighbors. (we had just moved to town) this year, she will be 20 months and I can't wait! She can walk and will he able to hold her bucket. Happy haunting!!

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Let me start by saying never! That is if ur a Christian mom, and have ur children's salvation at heart? and also ur own? Remember u are going to stand in front of God's throne of judgement one day soon, and explain why u took part , and allowed ur kids to take part in such an evil celebration. Maybe u didn't know.. now u do, after reading this. If you were ignorant, God will forgive u, but if u continue, there will be consequences. The parents that are allowing their kids and who also partake in the celebration of pure evil, open their doors to satan and his workings!

If after reading this below, and u wanna know more about all celebration days that God fearing people are commemorating with the pagans/devil worshippers/heithens worshipping their gods, please e-mail me, and I will forward u the lies about xmas, easter, sabbath and all the others.
Can u as a Christian mother after reading what halloween is about, still with a clear conscience allow ur precious kid/s to take part? And the heading of this blog is about when babies can do that? shocking!

What must an unfamiliar observer think
of Halloween? Parents dress their
children as monsters, vampires, devils,
witches and ghosts and encourage them
to approach total strangers to ask them
for candy and other treats. Homeowners
decorate their houses with images of black
cats, ghosts, goblins and carved pumpkins
and sometimes transform their yards into
make-believe graveyards. Adults dress in
similar strange and outlandish costumes
and go to parties in rooms decorated like
dungeons or crypts.
Why are such bizarre practices so popular?
Why would anyone celebrate a holiday
the morbid and macabre? Where
did such strange customs originate?
As with Christmas and Easter, we can
trace the roots of Halloween far back into
the pagan past. The Encyclopedia of Religion
says, “Halloween, or Allhallows Eve, is
a festival celebrated on 31 October, the evening
prior to the Christian Feast of All Saints
(All Saints’ Day). Halloween is the name for
the eve of Samhain [pronounced sow-en], a
celebration marking the beginning of winter
as well as the first day of the New Year within
the ancient Celtic culture of the British Isles.
The time of Samhain consisted of the eve of
the feast and the day itself (31 October and
1 November)” (1987, p. 176, “Halloween”).
Besides Halloween, the Celts observed
many other holidays including the winter
solstice (later transformed into Christmas),
spring fertility rites (reborn later as Easter)
and May Day as a harvest festival.
Concerning Halloween The Encyclopedia
of Religion continues: “On this occasion,
it was believed that a gathering of
supernatural forces occurred as during no
other period of the year. The eve and day
of Samhain were characterized as a time
when the barriers between the human and
supernatural worlds were broken. Otherworldly
entities, such as the souls of the
dead, were able to visit earthly inhabitants,
and humans could take the opportunity
to penetrate the domains of the gods and
supernatural creatures.
“Fiery tributes and sacrifices of animals,
crops, and possibly human beings were
made to appease supernatural powers who
controlled the fertility of the land … Samhain
acknowledged the entire spectrum of
nonhuman forces that roamed the earth
during the period” (pp. 176-177).
On this holiday “huge bonfires were set
on hilltops to frighten away evil spirits … The
souls of the dead were supposed to revisit
their homes on this day, and the autumnal
festival acquired sinister significance, with
ghosts, witches, hobgoblins, black cats,
fairies, and demons of all kinds said to be
roaming about. It was the time to placate
the supernatural powers controlling the
processes of nature. In addition, Halloween
was thought to be the most favourable time
for divinations concerning marriage, luck,
health, and death. It was the only day on
which the help of the devil was invoked for
such purposes” (Encyclopaedia Britannica,
15th edition, Micropaedia, Vol. 4, p. 862,
Ancient practices continued today
As with Christmas and Easter, church
leaders adopted this ancient celebration
to serve their own purposes. “Samhain
remained a popular festival among the
Celtic people throughout the christianization
of Great Britain. The British church
attempted to divert this interest in pagan
customs by adding a Christian celebration
to the calendar on the same date as Samhain.
The Christian festival, the Feast of
All Saints, commemorates the known and
unknown saints of the Christian religion just
as Samhain had acknowledged and paid
tribute to the Celtic deities” (The Encyclopedia
of Religion, p. 177, “Halloween”).
Several ancient Halloween practices still
exist in modern observances. Bobbing for
apples was originally a form of divination
(fortune telling) to learn of future marriages.
The first person to bite an apple was predicted
to be the first to marry in the coming
year … The jack-o-lantern … represent[ed]
a watchman on Halloween night or a man
caught between earth and the supernatural
world” (Jack Santino, All Around the Year:
Holidays & Celebrations in American Life,
1994, p. 26).
The Bible condemns the occult
Although some may dismiss the demonic
symbolism and divination associated with
Halloween as harmless fun, the Bible
reveals the existence of evil spirits, led by
Satan the devil, whom God holds responsible
for great suffering and sorrow inflicted
on the human race. Revelation 12:9 speaks
of “the great dragon … that serpent of
old, called the Devil and Satan … [who]
deceives the whole world …”
The name given him in the Bible, Satan,
means adversary or enemy. The apostle
John tells us that “the whole world lies
under the sway of the wicked one” (1 John
5:19). Satan and the other fallen angels
(demons) constantly try to keep humanity
spiritually blinded, turning them aside from
their awesome destiny as part of the family
of God.
As a loving Father, God commands us to
avoid things that can harm us. Concerning
the spirit world, notice what God says to His
people: “Give no regard to mediums and
familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to
be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God”
(Leviticus 19:31).
In addition to this command to avoid
practices that pertain to evil spirits, God
warned ancient Israel to avoid any kind
of occult practices: “There shall not be
found among you anyone who … practices
witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who
interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who
conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist,
or one who calls up the dead. For all who
do these things are an abomination to the
Lord” (Deuteronomy 18:10-12).
God has called His people to a different
standard. Instead of superstitions and
myths, God tells us to look to Him for our
blessings, direction and future.
Modern celebrations of Halloween may
appear on the surface to be quite harmless,
but the spiritual implications of dabbling
with the spirit world are extremely serious.
Fortune-telling, Ouija boards, astrology,
voodoo, clairvoyance, black magic and
the like can all be related to occult, satanic
forces or the worship of natural phenomena
and are forbidden in Scripture.
Jesus Christ tells us that “the first and
greatest commandment” is to love our
Creator “with all your heart, with all your
soul, and with all your mind” (Matthew
22:37-38). God alone is the giver of life and
all good things. To give recognition to false
gods, and to imitate practices that honored

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For Christmas and Easter, do you still celebrate them, even though they have Celtic connections? I would guess that you do, but you would celebrate the Birth and Crucifiction rather than Santa and the Easter Bunny. Our family is the same way. The same goes for Halloween. Use the holiday as a way to teach your children why demonic things are not okay. But since Oct 31 and Nov 1 go hand in hand, also teach them about All Saints Day. Let them dress up as angels, or a creature of God's creation. One does not need to dabble in the occult or demonic to have fun on All Hallow's Eve. Even God has a sense of humor. How do you think He would have come up with the giraffe otherwise?

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For the comment ranting about how evil halloween is and what not , i agree with the comment about mine . Im sure you celebrate christmas and easter all these holidays are considered pegan so unless your going to rant about every holiday please keep it to yourself , I see nothing wrong with halloween if your going out to make childhood memory and not actually taking part of the rituals from way back then .... because you no you said it was traced back did people trick or treat the no ... and i see no harm in it if your dressed your child up in a nice costume and taking them out . So keep your rants to yourself not everyone has the same opinion as your and if you do christmas and easter your a hyprocrite.

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Marion, As a christian mother I agree wholeheartedly with what you have posted. I too have studied and read up on the rituals of Halloween. I got saved at age19 and had my first baby at 20 and the first thing God showed me was to NOT participate in Halloween. I listened to Him and to this day 30 + years later have never celebrated this unholy of days. It is so sad that parents would subject their little ones to such ugly, horrendous, gross, disgusting sites you find in peoples yards and in the stores. It is not just in is sick. The devil is laughing and taking joy that parents are too blind to see what they are taking part in and when they are told they still choose to take part in it. I had two children and they never did halloween .....and now I have been blessed with a grandaughter and I am trusting in the Lord that my daughter will do the same with her child. Everyone will be judged someday, and I would never want to stand before a Most Holy God to have to answer for letting my children do this. Yes we have a choice. i choose not to have anything to do with it. The bible clearly says stay away from ALL appearances of evil. This is EVIL!!

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This isn't relevant to the original post.

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I didn't take my daughter until she was old enough to eat the candy she collected. I really get annoyed when people take their baby trick-or-treating. I mean, honestly, the baby isn't going to eat that candy, it just feels like the parents looking for free candy and some ego stroking.

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Halloween is COMMERCIAL nonsense only ones really fulling their pockets full of your $, are the shops, and Halloween IS in fact so pagan to boot, facts so many that buy in to it are the real Suckers. Also here some say cute costumes ? um when does graves look cute, when does a beautiful baby or a young child look cute in a ugly scary costume um, such contradictions in the shallow day that teaches absolutely 0, its not at all by any means natural for children to approach strangers homes at all, and then their parents lead them into it? not fun at all. One would feel a innocent child's healthy imagination could be put to better use, than a morbid celebration.

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