When is it okay to put a pillow in the crib?

There's so much conflicting advice out there about sleep safety for infants. When, in your experience, is it safe to add a pillow for your sleeping little one?

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CRAZY! Never, a pillow is never required in a crib. And Circle of Moms should not allow this post to go on. Some under educated individual will follow this advise and cause the death of their child.
If your child is sleeping in the toddler bed then they are ready for a pillow and blanket. If a crib is still required then no pillow.
I am an educated child care provider and have many years experience allowing mis- information on this topic is very dangerous!

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i have 3 childern and i have always put a pillow in the bed with them since they came home from the hospital. Of course i check on them often for the first few days. I did this b/c it made me nervous if they spit up for them to be laying directly on their back and choke. My childern have always been comfortable laying on a pillow. Elevation has always been a big part of saftey for babies. If you r not comfortable putting a pillow in the crib with them you can always put it under the matress and still have the elevation without the danger of a pillow.

Its actually very dangerouse to not elevate a child! The way you do it is up to you!

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A pillow as soon as they came home? Please...nobody take this advice!

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As far as I was concerned, when my girls has the ability to get up and move on their own, I was more comfortable with putting things beyond blankets in their cribs. Even then, pillows didn't make much sense until she'd wake up in the same spot I'd lay her down in. Sooo pretty much when we hit a toddler bed or single bed.

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Babies do not need a pillow, as adults we just think they will be more comfortable. I waited until my daughter expressed an interest in pillows. When she would take the couch pillows put them on the floor and lay on it. She was about 16 months. I also found that the little travel pillows work great for toddlers. It is small like them and they don't have this huge pillow in their crib.

If you decided to use a pillow, earlier please wait until your baby figures out how to roll, so that if he/she somehow gets their face in the pillow they can get themselves out.

And on a different note, I recommend having the ceiling fan/or floor fan running to circulate air, this will help minimize any CO2 build up around the baby.

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Ikea sells a great small pillow intended for use with a toddler bed or crib =)

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Do to risk of SIDS nothing should be in a babies bed....no blankets, not even a crib bumper. Please go to http://www.sids.org/nprevent.htm if you want to see what the SIDS organization recommends. My children got pillows when they we 2 1/2 and in a toddler bed.

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I put a pillow in with my daughter went she started taking the ones off the couch and lying on them on the floor, around the time she had a stuffy nose, she now uses a pillow every night. She loves her pillow! Its very thin and she was about 17 months old when she started using it

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I gave each of my sons a pillow when they were around a year old. They both love their pillows.

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i think that it's different with each child. I waited till my daughter would wake up in the same spot I laid her down in, which was right about the same time she started asking for one. lol. before that, she would move around so much that i was afraid to put one in there. she turned 2 end of Nov. but some children may take longer and others may b ready sooner. i think u should just watch your child and pay attention and u'll figure out the right time. trust your instincts.

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I don't think their is much need for a pillow in the crib and I believe it's the parent's thinking too much about it. Babies don't know what is is like to have a pillow in their crib or know how comfortable it is to have one until you decide to put on in there. To them, they are comfortable with out a pillow or else you would hear it lol. I put a pillow in my son's crib at a 1 1/2 because it was a pillow pet and he took it to bed with him haha

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My daughter didn't get a pillow until she was two and a half. I waited until she asked for one. But it really is up to the parent, they know their child and what he/she can handle and if they would sleep ok with one.

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I also put a pillow in my sons crib he was two and a half and he asked for it. He had started piling a blanket under his head and said he needed a pillow.

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Never. If they are ready for a pillow, they are ready for a BED

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Everyone keeps saying no pillows, but it's up to you. V Pillows are the safest you can have in a crib for a baby, because it'll stop them from rolling or wiggling underneath the pillow. It's best to only use a pillow during the day nap times because you can check on them regularly. No blankets in a crib?! I think that's horrible to do to a baby. The swaddles they make for babies aren't nearly warm enough for the middle of winter nights, I know that because my Son was born mid winter, and he was freezing without a blanket. While babies aren't rolling or wiggling too much, pillows and blankets are fine. In a basinette, definitely not!

My Son is a rolling, wiggling machine, but he has had bad reflux since he was born, so as soon as he was in a cot, we started using a pillow because every day/night he'd throw up, choke and stop breathing. We found that a pillow was more important than letting our Son lay in bed lifeless while he struggles to find his next breath. Yes, he wiggles underneath the pillow, (he's now 6 months old), but because he's active with his toys and rolling around, he can take the pillows and blankets off of his face himself, which makes things a little easier for us, but we still check to make sure he's okay.

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I have 3 children and never needed to use a pillow in their cots while sleeping as babies. If unwell I put a pillow under their mattress to raise them up when necessary. Only when I put them into a toddler bed around 2 years old, did I then let them have a fairly flat pillow. They don't tend to stay on them all night anyway even at that age he's more comfortable when not on it.

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In my experience with my daughter,I didn't feel safe putting pillow in her bed till she was one.They need to be able move around,sit up,or move away from the pillow.IT IS ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS to put a pillow in with a newborn.
Plus,I'm not so sure kids even need a pillow till they are close to toddler age.My little one never even uses the pillow that's in there.Cribs are semi-soft for a reason.

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I have three kids, and never put a pillow in their cribs. It is not necessary. I waited until they were about 2 1/2 to 3, in their toddler beds, and really moving around. My last child asked for one at three. Not worth the risk, from one mom to another . :)

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It is alright to put pillows and whatnot in cribs with babies when they are able to roll over by themselves. If they end up rolling into the pillow when they can not roll back over on their own there is a risk of suffocation.

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First off...insulting people is never a good way to give advice. It is a respectful question and should receive a respectful answer, no matter how passionately you feel about the subject. From a mother who has been made to feel inadequate by well intentioned "advice", telling someone they are idiots for even asking will only lead to more deaths because they will stop asking.

Now to the question. I was told and I firmly believe that until a baby can roll over and sit up on it's own, it is never a good idea to leave any loose items in the crib alone with a child. When my son developed a severe cold at the age of 3 months and a wedge wasn't cutting it for elevation I placed a pillow under his sheet and secured the sheet with sheet straps.

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I was never concerned with my kids having a pillow. My son got one when he moved to his toddler bed at 18 months...(early for a move to the bed but he would no longer sleep in his crib). Once in the toddler bed he wanted a pillow like his father and I had on our bed. Now with my baby girl she got her first cold at 7 months, she was crawling by this time, so to help with her stuffy nose I put a pillow in her crib to prop her up a little, checked on her often, since then she has been attached to the pillow. Bottom line: I think once they able to move themselves (I.e sit up on their own, crawl, walk) it's ok if they're showing they want a pillow.

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When they are in a bed and there is less likely of a chance of them getting caught between the pillow and the side of the bed. They don't even need pillows until they older. When they are in a regular size bed

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Well, I know that when my little little babies (a few months) catch their first sniffles - I wedge a pillow under their mattress to help them sleep better. People are concerned that a baby, who lacks the independant movement strength, will get caught down the side of the cot, or wiggle their way under the pillow. Others are concerned about the spinal allignment at night. You can always 'sheet in' a low pillow. that is make the bottom bed sheets go over the pillow nice and tight. maybe at about 6 months for that? It all depends on why you want to move up to a pillow. I only use it in their first year when they are unwell and need a little bit of elevation to help drain sinuses. Then at about one they get a 'free' pillow in their cot - all my kids have been in 'big beds' by age two, starting with their matress on a trundle on the floor. Hope that helps.

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My son is nearing 10 months old, and I just started putting a boppy(sp) pillow (the one that supports a wobbly sitter) in his crib. He is at the stage where he wants to be held all the time, so when I rock him to sleep, and lay him down; he instantly wakes up. I find that with the pillow around him, he feels more supported. He is a crawler, and he's pulling up to stand so he moves around on his own fairly well. I feel that he has the know how to pull his face out of a pillow if need be. I think it really depends on the level that your child is at. Before a child can roll with ease, I suggest NEVER putting an item in the crib that has potential to smother them.

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My kids got pillows around the time they started sleeping in a 'big' bed.

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I started giving my son a very flat pillow when he was about 18 months. I waited until he knew how to take things off his head when we were playing.

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I put one in at different ages, with my oldest daughter (almost 10 years old now), it was around when she started walking at 16 months, because I could never get her to nap in her crib, and she would be so tired and climb into my bed and pass out on my pillows, as soon as I moved her to the crib she would wake up and freak out, so one day I just took the pillow with her when I moved her and she didn't wake up when I moved her, from that day forward she slept with a pillow and naps in the crib were no longer an issue. She went into a toddler bed at 2. My son (3 yrs old now) was climbing out of the crib at 14 months (he was walking at 9 months) so he went into the toddler bed at that age, and he had a teddy he would sleep with and started using "teddy" as a pillow, that Christmas he got a big stuffed giraffe for Christmas, it became his new pillow, and he still won't sleep without giraffe and teddy. My youngest (14.5 months) has a flat pillow in her crib, she refuses to sleep without it. She started using her toys in her playpen as pillows, and wasn't sleeping through the night, so around her 1st birthday I put a flat pillow in her crib, and she has slept through the night for a good 9-12 hours since, plus she will finally nap in her crib, before she would not nap unless she was being held.

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I didn't put a pillow in my sons crib until he asked for one. I think he was about 2, he also went into a toddler bed right around that time too. My daughter turns 2 next month and she still doesn't have one and hasn't asked for one either. If they don't ask they don't need one.

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I had one under the mattress in the bassinette from about 3 weeks of age with all mine, as they wouldn't sleep flat on their backs

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In Australia the SIDS and Kids organisation recommends that nothing be placed in the cot with a sleeping baby due to suffocation risk. I gave my son a junior pillow when he turned two and moved into his toddler bed.

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When YOU are comfortable doing so. You are the only one who knows what's right for your child, I think mothers should trust their instincts

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You can put a pillow in from 12 months old

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I put a pillow and blanket in the crib at 18 months

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My daughter used a bobi pillow in her bassinet cause she wouldn't sleep in her back flat.we used the boppi pillow til she was about 5-6 mo and had been using a regular pillow ever since he has been in her crib and she ever had a problem with it. Can't get her to sleep without it! But it all depends on what that parent feels comfortable with!

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I didn't give my kids pillows until they were 18 months old. I was extremely paranoid to do it before then. I never put it in their cribs, only when they switched to big kid beds.

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When I had my 3rd baby I bought what used to be called a Goi Goi pillow from Sweden (now called Lilla Kuddis) that is used from birth. These are designed to stop baby getting a flat spot on their heads and are used in all the postnatal wards in Sweden. Once she was rolling over though I took it out. She didn't get another pillow until she was about 2 and went into a proper bed.


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I think about a year and a half, I just knew she could handle it, she would always sleep on mine with me when we were napping and then she wanted to sleep with one all the time. She walked early and is now potty training early so I really think it depends on the child. I knew it would be ok for her.

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my 2 1/2 yr old wants one cause her sister has one. She's in the crib cause we don't have $ for a toddler bed & she's not potty trained so she's in the crib for now.

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