When should a child see a doctor for a cough?

A cough is a very common symptom of childhood illness, but is usually not a sign of anything serious. How can you tell when your child should go to the doctor because of a cough?

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I think if your child has had a cough for more than 3 days or so if there is no fever or other signs and symptoms you should call their doctor to be safe. I say this because my 4 month old had a cough and nothing else especially at night for 4 days. I called her doctor and they told me to bring her in. It turns out she was coughing because she had a slight wheezing in her lungs even though we could not here it. So she possibly could have asthma or just allergies and now we have to use an inhaler for her. Its better to be safe than sorry.

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If your child has a cough with a fever and is breathing rapidly, get to the pediatrician right away. My child had pneumonia and had to be started on a powerful antibiotic right away. We called the medicine "wrestling medicine" because she hated the taste of it so much that she would not take it. We had to take her to the ER to have them give it to her. The next day, her pediatrician made a change in the med's so she would take it. Everything turned out fine after her course of medication.

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If you have tried cough medication when your child started coughing and there is no improvement - if the cough is very strained or inclined to wanting to vomit I would not hesitate to take your child to the Doctor - better safe than sorry. How long has the coughing been going on for? You are the only one who can hear if the cough is severe or not. I do hope that it is nothing serious and just a tickling in the throat. God bless - Joan

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If there is wheezing, a deep rattle in lungs, or cough has lasted longer than 3 weeks.

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I agree Dawn, also if they're coughing at night and waking themselves up, especially if it's a dry cough as it could be asthma.

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