When should I move my baby into their own room?

When babies are newborn, it can be convenient and more comforting to have them in the same room as you. When should you let them sleep on their own in their own room?

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Its every parents personnal choice, but my son slept in his own room the same day he came home from the hospital. We are expecting our second child and our daughter will be sleeping in her own room.

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First day home from the hospital. Our son has always slept in his crib in his room.

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id say about 2 years old

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When you are BOTH ready. Don't push a kid out, ease them into their own space by letting them help decorate and getting them really excited about their new space and don't feel upset if they creep back into your room fairly often. lol

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So glad to have read this my son is 2 and were in the same room his crib is in there of course

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Children cannot self-soothe until about 6 months old, from a developmental standpoint, so that is the answer I believe is best, at BASE MINIMUM. Before that, a child might wake up, be unable to soothe themselves back to sleep and feel alone and panicked.

Personally, I breastfeed and if my child was in a different room, I wouldn't be getting any sleep, so I'll probably move him when he night weans, whenever that may be.

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I think it is a personal choice. My LG is 11 months and sleeps in her crib in our room, mainly because my husband works away for a month every 2nd month. Selfishly I like having her company when we're alone. Hopefully when the time comes to move her to her own room, it wont be too difficult.Only time will tell though...

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I moved 1st at 1 1/2 2nd at 3 months. They do fine and stretch out!

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i definatly agree that it is a personal choice. My 1st went into his cot at 3 months. he had been sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and he was just too long for the bassinnet and was rolling over so it was a safety risk too. My daughter on the other hand turns 1 in a week and is still in the bassinet in our room. she has alot of medical issues including having a apnea attack where she had to be revived and she required home oxygen untill she was 9 months old. My partner wants her in her room on her 1st birthday but when she moves she has to share with her 12 year old half sister and im not comfortable with that as i know she will be disturbed all night by her half sister wanting to play mini mum plus she does still occasionally wake for feeds and i dont want to have to go into another room to feed her and settle her back down.

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Its really a personaly prefference at times. I like to make it though flue season only because with my 1st we had only a 1 bed room so she was in our room. But she got the flue and could not role over so I herd it right away :). Right now my second sleeps though the night and is in our room. I like it this way. I think we will move him around 9 months to a year.

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Both my boys came home from the hospital and slept in their cot in their own room. We just have a monitor and we are comfortable with this. It elimanates problems when they have to move into the cot and their own room later on

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with all the sleep problems I read here I'd say asap. I put my kids in their cribs the day they came home from the hospital. All but for my last baby, we shared the daybed until he was around 2 months old and sleeping throughout the night....but I didn't wait too long and create a monster that needed me in order to sleep.
They had plenty of cuddles/holding time during the day, were tucked snugly in their beds and were tended to if they woke up.
Just because they are in their own beds does not mean ignoring them when they waken.
I never co-sleep with my kids as I needed some adult time.
Its all personal choice, some mom's get better sleep if babe is by their sides (especially breastfeeding) as there is no need to get out of bed.

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its all on your personal comfort but u can asap... but if u want to wait till they are older 6 months is a good start because the risk of SIDS goes down dramaticaly after 6 months

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we did after 7 months, but with any baby and any parent is different. it is whatever is best for everybody that counts.

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my daughter is 10 1/2 months and i'd love to move her to her own room, however, she needs mommy to put her binky back in her mouth (several times per night!). if i could go back in time, i wouldn't give her a binky at all. she's now growing out of her bassinet and just started pulling herself up, so today we're bringing her crib into our room. i'm hoping she'll adjust okay. i'm also trying to figure out how to teach her to either not need her binky at night or to put it back in herself (!). any advice, i'd greatly appreciate! :)

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I heard that cutting the tip of the binky off will make it less appealing. My daughter also uses a binky but she keeps it in at night now and she stays asleep if it falls out. Do you let her have it during the day? To play with and figure out how to put it in herself?

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I moved my daughter to her crib at 8 weeks. She still woke up at night and I still went and checked on her. but getting up was worth her learning to feel safe in her own room instead of needing me to be next to her to go to sleep. It also depends on your partner, and how they feel. I'm mama to two step children and their mom co-slept with them until they were 2 and 3 and when they weren't co-sleeping they shared a bedroom. When I came into the picture they were still trying to crawl into bed with their dad and me. They weren't comfortable sleeping by themselves until just this year and every once in a blue moon they still want to sleep with us or each other. (We bring them in for a little while if they have a nightmare or it's stormy outside) I think the later you move them the more likely they are to be uncomfortable in their own bed. I don't think this is true of all children and also not for those who need a careful watch due to medical issues. In the end it depends on the attitude of the baby and the parents, but once you decide to do it be firm. Don't create dependency issues. (not that you would)

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Our kid's rooms are all upstairs while our room is downstairs so I had ideas of keeping them in my room until they started sleeping thru night and I felt comfortable with not having to do "breath" checks when I had my first two babies. I always figured 5 months or so would be ideal. However, I quickly learned, especially with baby #3 & #4, that they tell you when it might be time by purely just growing out of their bassinet! My youngest is 4 months and I had to move him to his crib several weeks ago bc he is just too darn long for the bassinet! I miss him down here but he's stretching out up there :-)

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move them into there own bed by end of 1-2 week cause they need to learn to fall asleep and sooth them self back into sleep or else there gonna want you 2 do it for them that IS A BAD HABIT TO GET INTO!!! i had this EXACT problem with my son ! my girl was in her crib after the first week and she was alot better as she got older was able to sooth herself back to sleep on her own!!!!


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