When should you stop letting your child walk around without clothes at home?

You might not let your child walk around naked in public anymore, but at home it's a little more relaxed. When does it become inappropriate to let your child walk around without clothing at home as well?

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I myself run around home naked with the kids (son 7 and daughter 4). I want my children to know they should not be ashamed of their bodies at all. But also talk about no no parts and how to respect ppl who are nude so they know what is ok and what is not! have had no problems thus far!

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Haha, my husband does that too sometimes

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My daughter is just a little over 3, like the other Mums, my daughter is down to her underpants (if that) every chance she gets. Let them be free & naked I say!! They have the rest of their lives to be "dressed appropriately" Sure, if there's company in the house, get dressed, if not, you're family!

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What happens if she has a BM?

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Until the child no longer feels comfortable being seen naked by Mom and Dad...*Shrug* Just one Mom's opinion. :)

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My daughters 17, I wouldn't tell her not to run around naked in the apartment, as long as there are no guests around. On the other hand, she won't do it because I give her the freedom to do it

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My 3 year old daughter is rarely naked (outside of bathtime). Even when she was 2 I hardly ever had less than a shirt on her. In a society that is obsessed with sex (tv shows, commercials, movies, etc) I think it's important that I teach my children specific boundaries and to respect other people's boundaries. I believe it's important to teach children as early as possible. Yes, she is only 3. But how many 5 year olds do we see who want to be just like the older girls? The older girls who wear too little in public. Society says it's okay to wear sexy clothes and let your breasts and butt hang out of your clothes. I want my daughter to know as early as possible that it's important to be modest in how we dress. We can be beautiful and still be dressed modestly. We should never tempt men to look at us. They should be looking at their own significant other. I want her to grow up respecting herself and others. And I want her to grow up believing that how she dresses is how she will be treated. I think it's importan that I teach her the truth in our home as well as out in public. It seems counter productive to teach her she can run around naked at home but not in public. She has a brother and a father at home. And I know from experience that being biologically related doesn't stop males from touching you.

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kudos i 100% agree

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I was totally raised in an environment where walking around naked or in undies is ok and one should not be ashamed of their body.
I'd be in the bath, my Mom in the shower. My brother on the toilet, me at the sink, etc.
Heck to this day when my brother and I visit my Mom we still walk around in our undies! LOL
My kids are the same. Undies as soon as they head home, but if someone comes over, clothes on.
My son is a teen now, 14 and he is becoming more aware of his body, so most times he'll have just sweatpants on. My daughter, 4 is a free spirit and would race around the house in the nude, in fact as soon as she gets out of shower/bath I'm running after her with clothes.
I think undies are ok for her, but tend to put at least a T-shirt with that too. At least I have the last couple of years. I think that is mostly because of my ex whom was raised with nudity being this huge no no.
As for myself, right now its 100+ in Nebraska and clothes come off as soon as I walk through the front door and I tend to spend the night in just a shirt and panties or a sports bra and panties.
Personal comfort basically! Right?

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to Sheridian... consider becoming a nudist family....why cover up at all...you could ...reject this silly social-religious programming..... and all can be free and centered ~~ totally naked , happy,and very free....

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I think it's good to teach your children to be happy with and learn about their bodies and I feel letting them run around naked is a great way to do this. There is too much hype in the media today telling our children to be and look a certain way, and if we as parents are telling our children to always cover our bodies up, what type of message is that sending? You should be ashamed of your body?

I agree, there are inappropriate times to be nudie, but when it's just immediate family at home, I don't see the problem with it. I myself prefer to have as little as possible on when I am home (although this usually only happens in the summer). Usually after a shower, I'll take my time getting dressed. My son (3yo) likes to name our body parts and I often point out the differences between boys and girls and that's very hard to do with clothes on when he can't see what you're talking about.

I was always allowed to run around in the nude when I was young (with the exception of when other people come to visit or outside when we were of school age ish), and I have never had a body complex. I know it's not what some people would call the perfect body, but it's mine and I am happy with it. I've never been on a diet and never been ashamed to wear a leotard to my ballet class (which was four times a week), even as an adult. I want my children to be as happy with their bodies and I am with mine. They are perfect the way they are and I will do whatever it takes to ensure they learn this valuable lesson.

My children are not wild children who take their clothes of every chance they get, or do it out in public, but they know that being nudie is not wrong, but there are limits. If you teach your child that at a young age, you wont have any problems later.

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I agree completely. Nice to hear a parent that is okay "in their own skin" and passes those principles to their children.

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I have never let my kids do that. Even as babies, i would put them in a t-shirt and little bloomers at least. Kids learn early,and if you let them do one thing, and then all of a sudden you can't do it anymore, they don't get that. If it's not appropriate...then it's not appropriate at any age!

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I agree 100%

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I let my children walk around the house fully nude if they want to. I teach them that there are things they can do in the comfort of their own home that they cannot do elsewhere. My children are allowed to walk around the house fully nude for as long as they live in this house. Once they move out, this house is no longer their home and they should not be nude here. But until they move out, this is their home and they can be nude here, no matter what their age is.

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Once your daughters start too bleed that time of the month, they'll always then always walk in their panties, even if they want too cry.

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I saw the males/family/inappropriate touching thing come up. Sadly as a child who grew up ok with just being in underwear at home (and later in moved a molesting step father & step brother), I think kids can know their bodies are an incredible gift but also to protect that gift. My step father tried to rape me when I was right out of the shower reading in my room, but he was too drunk, passed out and I ran. Protecting one's body with clothing is right up there with stranger danger, etc. Yes clothes might not stop a molester, but they can sure slow them down long enough to run for help (I had been wrapped tight in a blanket or God knows what would have happened before he passed out). My kids associate nakedness with showering or changing into pjs. They would never think of running around totally naked. We also live in a very cold area so they would freeze without a couple layers on. I think one can be comfortable with their body but also protect it from prying eyes. Think of all the stranger rapes that start out as voyeurism through an open window... For the record, my "step father" raped his biological sister when they were young. When she confronted him about it when she was in her 30s, he said, "you know you wanted it!" Wonder why she ended up having a substance abuse problem.... I know it is not always dark, but given we have no way of knowing what is going to happen next, why take unnecessary risks?

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I agree. When a person is sexually abused or tramatized you teach your children to be demure. You yourself are modest. You don't have to be ashamed of your body to cover up. That's completely ridiculous! If wearing clothes make people ashamed, the women who obviously don't respect themselves must have no shame. You can teach your kids to love their bodies without being attention whores. I didn't run around naked (until I was older & that was with undies on & in the privacy of my own room). My children didn't run around naked. Simon did a little but that was only around bathtime.

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me and my hubby go nude to
our son is 10 he goes nude to
we do not think any thing about it

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My daughter is 2 1/2. She loves to be naked and I dont see anything wrong with it. It is my job to teach her when it is appropriate and when it isnt. I myself don't run around naked but I sleep naked and she sees me naked. I want her to know that people should not be ashamed of their bodies in anyway. If you make a big deal out of being naked then it will be a big deal to them. They will learn modesty in their own time. I am not worried that my daughter will be running around naked at 16. For now, we will enjoy her youth and our freedom to not have to worry about such little things. Besides, who didnt run through the sprinkler naked when they were a child. Not everything has to be sexualized. To them, their bottom is just another body part like their tummy.

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I completely agree! Let kids be kids, we were all born naked! Adults need to stop projecting their insecurities and stigmas onto innocent children. It's not healthy to be uncomfortable in your own skin- didn't God make us this way? Shouldn't we run free and rejoice?

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My girls are 4 and almost 6 and they go swimming naked in our pool sometimes. Most times they wear swimsuits. But they aren't ashamed to walk around the house naked (but most usually in undies) when it is just the family. As soon as they see someone coming to the door, they rush to their rooms and get dressed so they do know when to be "appropriate." I'm 5 months pregnant in the dead of summer in Texas and I'm guilty of stripping down to my undies myself. I think it's all about personal preference.

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I still run around naked in front of my son some times when I'm in a hurry. I also sleep in the nude, so I check on him before I go to bed in the buff some times. I don't care if he's going from his bathroom to his bedroom naked and I have often found him sleeping naked, haha. The only time I thought it was inappropriate was when me and my husband had people over for the National Championship game and here comes my 4 year old, just beeboppin down the hall, little butt just shaking. I had to tell him to get something on! He came back out in his underwear. Close enough, I guess, hahaha

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We kept ourselves and our kids clothed at all times. They never saw us, or each other naked, as it's against God's law. Teach kids modesty, and they will grow up better people. Teach them kindness, love,and they will treat others with respect, and kindness. It's not rocket science as to how raise good kids. Love, and discipline works every time, and has for hundreds of years.

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what scripture are you referring too?

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I think its fine to let them go. They will soon get to the point where they become aware of their bodies and will want to cover up but why not let them feel confident in there own skin for a lil while. before all the other influences come in and destroy their confidence like tv media and peers
clothes always for going out :)

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my kids are 6 and 3yrs. we live in Dar es Salaam only 6.5degrees from the Equator so they pretty much strip down to their underwear as soon as they walk through the door when we get home from anywhere. they are quite good at throwing something on when company rings but will be down to their pants again as soon as our visitors pull out of the driveway. if i could get away with that i would probably do it too.

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I have 2 daughters and I have never said anything about how they dress or maybe undressed at home. It is our home and the one place we should be feel safe and comfortable. My girls are now 17 and 19 both are still comfortable at home. It is nothing for them to be in thier panties or completlly nude in our home.

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Well i have 2 kids 7 and 3 and a 1/2 ~daughter and step son~ and they are allowed to and do partake in being naked all the time in the house, and in the back yard with privacy fence. As long as we are in the house my daughter generally doesn't wear a stich of clothes, and my son being in diapers is allowed out for a bit after he has had a pee or poop. As for me i'm nude as well a lot, but not all the time because i tend to get cold easy. I want to foster to my kids that bodies and nudity is really nothing to make a big deal over.

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I have a 3 month old and sometimes when its real hot i leave her in just a diaper but there is so much sexual influence and so many sick men that I will stop that when I start potty training. When she starts wearing panties, she's considered a 'big girl' and us 'big girls' have more respect for ourselves and our bodies, than to run around nude. We are not Adam and Eve, and even THEY felt shame and embarrassment for bein in the nude. God wanted us to cover up. Jesus didn't run around lettin it all hang out for dang sure. My husband and I both shower with her sometimes but even he wears swim trunks while doing it. Reason being, with his other daughter, when she was 1 and bathing with him, she grabbed his private! anything can happen. i personally plan to protect my child as soon as possible, and maybe if she stays dressed as a kid, she will as a teen as well and won't be a teen mom.

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I voted for this by accident - I don't agree

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I have a four year old and my husband prefers if she gets dressed in her room that she is old enough now and boys and girls shouldnt see each others private parts unless they are married. He will however give her a bath if Im not here or I ask but even then he makes her wash herself after he leaves the room. It makes him uncomfortable and he wants to respect her privacy. I believe around this age they need to learn that our bodies are beautiful but you dont need to flaunt them to everyone. That are bodies are ours and to respect that. Specially true for girls. the old saying our bodies are a temple and we should treat them that way and only the worthy are let in. I believe that modesty and respect for our bodies should be taught when the child understands what their body is and who not to share it. my daughter hit that age a few months ago. Every child is different though.

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well my daughters are 3yrs old and 4 months and she takes off her cloths as soon as she gets in the house i personally dont have a problem with her doing this because home is the one plave she should ne able to be that free...i really wouldnt put an age on it just as long as the child knows when to nenaked and when not to

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My boys are 5 and 3, if no one scheduled to come
Over we shed our layers. The boys are in their
Underpants and myself in my swimsuit. If they want to
Jump in the kiddie pool if they are still to hot
No worries :)

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My daughter is almost two and I am very picky about her being naked! I have NEVER let her go in public nakes and I sure as heck dont plan on it now, I teach her that her body is beautiful and that there is nothing to be ashamed of she knows what her "no no" parts are and she does not mess with them nor let anyone else mess with them except me when I am bathing her or changing a diaper. I do not think its appropiate for myself nor my husband to walk around the house naked I do not want her to think thats an ok thing to do she is rarely naked even at home I usually always have some thing on her. I do not even let her eat messy stainy foods that could ruin clothes with out them on.

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Your kidding right? Kids need to get messy it's how they learn! I also think you are contradicting yourself in teaching her that her body is "beautiful" but she shouldn't touch and explore it?? What a way to make her feel ashamed of a natural part of growing up!

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When friends stop by, they always laugh because our boys, ages 3 and 5, are always missing some item of clothing. For the 3-year old it's usually his pants, since he's going through potty training. Or, he's all naked. The 5-year old likes wearing just underwear and a shirt. No socks - he takes those off as soon as he's home! I agree with most moms here, it's all about the comfort level of each individual. They like being naked, and we talk about body parts freely, to the point they can understand. They're so young and innocent, an innocence that we all one had, yet unfortunately lose with age. Let them be naked!

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I feel that it is never ok they need to be conservative and cover up outside of home so being at home is the best place to learn that properly

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My 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter are naked at home all the time and it's because I go naked at home too.

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I run around naked at home most of the time. We always did as kids even until I was about 10 or 11 and then I just put panties on.

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Ive always had clothes on my kids, except in the summer when they are less than a year old. to me, it just makes sense to not change the rules later and maybe have to fight about. why tell them its okay then tell them its not when are 5 or however old. just makes things harder later..

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My 2 are 5&6, 6 yr old is starting to get a little more self conscious about being naked but in a house with just one bathroom they frequently come in while I or my husband is in the shower or there will be an important question that needs answering before I'm done getting dressed!
I have no problem with them wanting to be nude or seeing me nude, as soon as they are uncomfortable with it we will change how we behave a little, until we can move to a house with more than one bathroom things will continue as they are though!
I don't like them being naked outside the house (in the garden it's ok as its enclosed) but my daughter when we go to the swimming pool will strip off her swimsuit after, I do try to discourage her though as I feel she's getting old enough to know it is not appropriate to be naked in public

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my girls are 2 6 and 8 and my 6 year old and 2 year old can't stand the feel of clothes so if we are.home and its just our family the 2 youngest run around in their undies and my oldest is getting more modest as she gets older so she likes to wear a t shirt and undies. I walk about my house in a tshirt and undies sometimes naked depending on if i am getting clothes from a basket upstairs. I do believe that children who have the opportunity to express themselves freely at home within reason grow up to be healthy mature adults. My children will be comfortable with themselves and will have confidence when the other girls in school pick on them. Because lets face it the school locker rooms are a cruel place and a child that is comfortable with their naked self is not going to be ashamed because of what some snotty little girl tells her in the locker room. Just my opinion.

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As long as there is not company. Then let kids be kids. Won't hurt them to run around naked or in there undies......

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When they no longer feel comfortable doing it is when it should stop before that in our home they are more than welcome to wear or not wear whatever they want as long as it is just the immediate family. Obviously if we have company clothes are required.

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I am a mother of a 4 year old girl. When she is at home I allow her to run around naked. I don't see what the harm is in it when no one else is home. When company comes over or we have to go out and about she always wants to put clothes on. I feel that if you are ok with your child being naked then who cares. If I could get away with not having clothes I would run around without them on too. As long as they know the difference between the appropriate time and place there shouldn't be an issue.

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My daughter is 4yrs old she"s always doin dat but l donlt tink is a behavior if u hot u hot.me been de mum im always naked in de house n so as daddy but we hv panties on though.

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What the heck is "doin dat" and "me been de mum?" Doesn't your web browser have a spell checker? Your entire message sounds like ignorant gibberish.

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My friends Pediatrician said out bottoms on the girls at 6. Set up a naked time. My kids are 3 and going on 5 they know while in the house they can just run around in underroos and if relatives are over they must put on a shirt for others they fully get dressed :)

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I'm the Mum and I still do it sometimes, If there is no one else there does it really matter? It's not like kids are 10 and outside naked. Mind you mine are only 3 1/2 and 17mth.

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I think when someone starts to get uncomfortable with it, it would be time to stop.

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My boys are 5,3 and 10 months. Our oldest has sensory dysfunction so THE moment he walks in the door he is down to his underwear. That is what he calls naked. Our 3 year old prefers just a t shirt and underwear. I think every kid is different and nobody should say this way or that.

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My son is fully clothed 90% of the time by his choice. I was also raised in a house where if it's comfy and there is no company who cares. I am very lieniant on the clothing issue and so is my hubby.

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By the age of 5, they are too old, IMHO to be walking around the house naked. I don't mind if they go from the bath to their rooms, but any other time they need to have some clothes on. Now, I'm not a prude, but I just believe that they need to understand what is socially acceptable.

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nude fams are happy fams ,no shame ...why hide the human body created by a wise Creator....why shame his Creation...perhaps u were raised to see the body as ugly bad ,shameful..if one raised an innocent child to believe this way,,they can live in guilt and anxiety for life...rather teach them that the body is beautiful,n0t nasty and bad,,,allow the the dignity if they feel comfortable,to go nude in the privacy of the home

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