When will the sibling rivalry end?

Is there an age when sibling rivalry starts to come to an end?

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My sisters are in their 60`s and I am praying for God to mend their relationship as their children are also at war with each other, it is causing horrible family probs, so we must trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to intervene and set them all free.
My peacemaking efforts do not produce the fruit I have liked but you never know what God will do!
Nothing is impossible for Him!

Where do wars come from? Selfishness!
Forgive your siblings and relatives, life is just too short for all the nonsense!

God bless and I hope you has a happy and holy easter.

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When they're grown up and out of the house...and even then some people never grow out of it.

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Don't hold your breath! I am one of six and although I have three older brothers, I was the fist girl.We are now all aged between 45 and 60 Unfortunately the sibling rivalry is is alive and well and the only difference is that the spouses also get in on the act. :-( Some kids never grow up.

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Never!!!!!!!!!!! I fight with my sister about everything an we are in our thirties! Probably more important stuff than before but still i t is always a fight ...an adult fight no hitting no ugly words but there seems to be competition all the time...I wish it would stop ...maybe some day!

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NEVER! As they get older and older it may get better. I have two daughters and they argue and fuss at eachother everyday! Its arguments over anything and everything. One gets mad if she thinks she is having to do more than her share around the house or one has something of the other one's. I dont let them get it out of hand though. If I sense that its getting too serious. I make them come to where I'm at, they each tell me one at a time what has been going on! I try to get them to talk it out and come up with a solution of their own that would fix their problem. When its all figured out, I then make them hug eachother! They fuss a little bit about this but they know I'm serious and that I wont let them go on about their bussiness. They then usually start laughing cause they hug eachother in a silly way, they then are back to being friends with eachother, until the next arguement. Oh and I forgot to mention that my two daughters are both teenagers, 14 and 15 years old. They are only 13 months apart. They would argue over air if I let them! I can just imagine that arguement, "Your breathing in some of my air, quit breathing so hard!" Then I hear both of them yell,"MOMMMMMMM!"

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I don't think it ever ends but it does get friendlier. My sons are 34 and 31. They compete over everything, even my attention. The Carlos (oldest) has always said rob (youngest) is the favorite. Carlos has always had financial difficulty and had to move in with his brother several times. Last year he had a decent job and a little money.
He was so excited about being able to get christmas gifts for everyone. Knowing I have wanted a kindle for a long time, Carlos purchased one. it could not be delivered until after christmas and he was upset. When it did arrive I was very happy and Carlos said "Well look who's the favorite now" Rob's response "yeah but it won't be for long" Carlos in turn said "yeah, but its me for now" We all just started laughing. I think it is great that they can live in the same house. Rob's children love having their uncle around and I love having all my family together.

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So far, with my 13 yo boy and almost 16 yo girl, it's alive and well! Both are at fault, they just can't seem to help it!

I was the oldest of 3 kids and although I was great friends with my little brother, my sister and I are polar opposites and fought all the time. In fact, this was in 1973 mind you, they are twins and they let me hold one baby going home (I was just 3, SAFETY huh?). They placed my sister in my arms first and she SCREAMED once seeing my face! I said, "I don't want this one, put it back." so they gave me my brother and he just cooed at me. An adult sat with me in back, of course, but everyone swears that was our first fight, LOL!

Now, I didn't get along with my sister until I moved out of our house at age 21! Even now, we live on opposite sides of the country and get along awesome. On visits though, we can take about 3 days before the bickering and such start. Then the husband comparrison comes in, who is raising their kids in the best way, etc. and it's chaos once more. At least as adults we can get over it fast and move on plus control our tempers and just go cool off.

It's all a part of becoming independant as well as jockying for the parent's attention. Especially when an older child has to deal with a new baby all of the sudden! I had to deal with TWO! Poor me, LOL!

Once, when she was 3 and he was a year, after a nap she quietly covered her brother head to toe in vassaline. Poor baby! He was all shiney and she was so sneaky about it. I'm told we will miss all this once they are gone, but so far I don't believe that 100%. Gets pretty loud and rediculous sometimes.

Just hang in there! Build a padded room for yourself maybe! At least make sure to have alone time often so that you can have some peace. Also, it helps when each has their own "thing" that's all theirs. My son goes hiking and kayaking with our 13 yo and our daughter is very involved with the church youth group. That helps a lot.


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My oldest brother and I were always best friends. My other brother and I were mortal enemies! I am 43 now and John and I have only been "friends" for about 3 years now! Sad, I know. My children are 12 and 9 and the hatred between them is sometimes unbearable. Neither can stand for the other to have any of my attention! NONE! They constantly interrupt each other and both have very short fuses. *Sigh* I certainly hope they out grow it before they are 40 and 43!

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