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When is it too old for nap time?

Some children happily head to their rooms for nap time while others fight it daily. When should nap time be discontinued?

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35  Answers

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We talked about this in my psychology class and really there is no age limit for naps as long as the child is still going to bed at a reasonable hour and sleeping through the night. Some kids may stop taking naps and then when they start school they may start taking naps again. If the child is tired land needs a nap let them take it.

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You are never too old for a nap. I still take a nap and I am 28! If your child is tired let them take a nap and I feel as long as they still go to bed at bedtime it is fine. Children under 12 need like 10-12 hours a sleep a day so sometimes a nap helps out to make sure they get enough sleep. I wouldn't force a nap if they aren't tired. My daughter fights it but when she is fighting me about everything I know she needs it. You know your child best.

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There is no age limit on nap taking. Sometimes it is healthy for an adult to take a nap if needed. Sleep is necessary process for the body. Children don't 'fake' tiredness, it is a natural reaction in their body telling them that sleep is required for any number of given reasons. If your little one is tired then let them rest. It could be during a time of growth, or a time when the body is warding off an infection and needs to recouperate or it could just be that they haven't got as much rest is required for their little body and need a boost. =) Sleep is healthy!

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if my baby is tired i am giving my child a nap. i dont believe there is a age limit sometimes i need a nap..

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My almost nine year old daughter stopped at 11months. However, my 6 yo triplet boys are totally different! The oldest one takes a nap maybe once a month usually on the weekend and has no problem going to bed that night just like an adult. The middle one can fall asleep any time of the day take a good 2 hours and still wants to lay down at 8. And of course the youngest one stopped napping at 2 and hates going to bed....All depends on the child is my answer! If YOU feel the need for a break by all means intitute "quiet time" for an hour in the bedroom with dim lighting and books or lovey NO TOYS as it is not play time. If they are tired they will fall asleep if not it usually takes the cranky edge off:) But my rule was always to sit down myself for quiet time so I could recharge too.

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I'm 36 and 9 weeks pregnant and I've just redisovered how wonderful naps are. Why did I ever stop them????

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12 and 3

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I am worried that my daughter, who will be in pre-k in August will continue to need a nap well past kindergarten, and they don't allow them to nap in kinder. She falls asleep in the car if we are still out during her nap time. I think a child should get to nap regardless of their age. If they are tired, let them sleep.

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Ive noticed at times my son will fight the nap but thats just that busy body dont wanna miss anything attitude, but if he does he is just so much moodier! So I dont find an age limit to naps as long as you keep them around the same hour each day, early enough, and they still sleep through the night.
Jesse just has such a greater day after a nap!

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I think if a child is tired he will nap. My sons will be 5 in August still nap most of the time. If they are not napping, I at least make them go for some quiet time for one hour. So i think it depends on the child.

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My son's 4 and he still naps. If he misses a nap then he's very moody in the evening and doesnt sleep through the night.

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I don't believe there is an age limit. It really depends on the child. My oldest, 8, stopped at about 2 years old because of the issues we had with sleeping at night. We stopped and he started to do better. My 3 yr old is still napping and only beginning to show signs that SOME days he doesn't need one and on others he needs a nap. My one year old can barely make it to nap time without falling asleep early but does great the rest of the day. So even among my own boys I've noticed how different kids and be and how different their needs can be.

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About a year-and-a-half ago, I was preparing my daughter for Kindergarten and was informed that naps are not taken in Kindergarten. I guess things have really changed since my Kindergarten days (we took naps). Not only were there no naps, but there were also very high (academic) expectations for entering Kinder. I was so thankful that I had placed her in Pre-K so that she would be up on all of those requirements. Her preschool was very helpful with weaning her off the naps, although they did remind me, constantly, that State requirements were that ALL children under the age of 5 were required to have a nap/rest period. But the pressure to have her weaned from naps prior to starting Kinder were greater than complying with the "State". We compromised. She would be allowed to sit quietly on her cot while the other kids slept. She didn't like not taking her naps; she loved her naps! All of this being said, I would say that at least 2-3 of the 5 days/week that my daughter attended Kinder, she would fall asleep during the car ride home, or she would collapse on the floor or her bed once we arrived home. Now, we are preparing for 1st grade, and my daughter is home for the Summer. She loves her naps but I have to limit her on when and how long she may nap. She gets plenty of sleep over night, and she has been checked out by the pediatrician who gave her a clean bill of health. He explained that [some] kids continue to take naps well into elementary school, and that as long as her academics are not suffering, just continue what we're doing. Personally, I think naps have become a necessity for everyone due to the demands we have. Technology has made it possible for us to do at least twice as much work as we used to do, but at what price? All of that input overload might be too much for our minds. We're tired!! I think schools could shave off a couple of minutes here and there and offer students a 15-20 minute "power nap" period. They might be surprised at how much more refreshed and attentive kids might be!

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My son stopped taking regular naps 1 week before kindergarten started as half day doesn't do naps. He is 6 and still takes them as needed for attitude/tiredness. It really depends on the kid though as to how old they are when they stop taking naps.

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That is what Jada does too. She is also six.

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my whole life even to this day i take a two hour nap after work or at that time school. as long as its at an appropriate time i believe that your never too old for naps.

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I'm definitely not an expert but I think this is dependent on the child and their needs. My now 10 yr old weaned himself off of naps at about 3 years old while he was at home but still took naps here and there at preschool til about 4 yrs old. Two naps were non-existent by the time he was one year. My daughter on the other hand, now 15 months, still takes two naps (thank goodness!) but the morning nap is getting shorter. If naptime is becoming a fight and both mom and child end up in tears it's time to reassess those naps and come up with a different plan. Maybe quiet time would be a better solution.

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My son who is now 17 quit taking naps all togehter at 9 months old! It was more of a hassle and struggle to get him to try to take a nap than it was worth and he never seemed to have melt downs later in the day so I quit trying to get him to take a nap.
On the other hand, my daughter, who is now 10, took two naps a day until she was 4yrs. old and took 1 nap a day until she was 6yrs. old.
Even now if my son seems to be getting stressed he will go for a walk by himself and he is good by the time he gets back home. My daughter can just be sent to her room for some alone time and in about an hour she is fine. She just stays in her room and plays.
Each child is different so I wouldn't worry about it.

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My issue is that my 7 year old ADHD/ADD son is constantly fighting nap time. He will FINALLY go to bed around 11 pm and is up between 6-7 every morning!!! My daughter who will be 4 will take naps as long as I can get her settle down long enough. I am going to be 27 and still a nap or I get grumpy. It is complicated for my household. So somethimes I let my son play his DS or read books for "quiet time" while everyone else naps.

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I say you just know your kids and you know what they can handle and what they need. Every child (and mom) is so different that you can't really put an age on it. I know some kids who still take naps at 4 years old. For me, my kids always have been good night time sleepers. My twins stopped napping at about 2 years old. They go to bed by 8:00 and wake up between 7:00 to 8:00 am. My single child is just barely 2 and I have been making her not take naps unless she really needs it or just falls asleep on her own (unless it is too late in the afternoon, then I do whatever I can to keep her up until at least 7:00). I love having my kids awake all day and then having all the freedom I want from about 8:00 at night. When my kids start school I may have to adjust their bed time though, for getting up earlier.

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I don't her lay her down for a regular nap. She just goes all by herself if she feels she needs one.

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My daughter took 2 naps a day until she started kindergarten. Sometimes she wants to take a nap after a long eventful afternoon, and she's 8! LOL My girl is like her Mommy, loves to sleep!

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never, I still take naps and i'm 32

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i love nap time mine are 2 and 4 my two year old loves his nap time. my 4 year old will nap some time when she cranky. she starting preschool the 29th half day. we will see how if she needs naps again

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I don't think there is an age to stop naps, I still take one everyday even if I don't go to sleep I lay there to just get a peice of mind, my children are 14, 5, and 2 and they all still take naps the two younger ones will sleep from noon til 2 longer if I allow and since the 5-year old is in school he doesn't get nap time anymore so when he gets home from school I have to keep him busy so that he doesn't fall asleep before dinner and bath time. But on the weekends he still takes his nap I feel that he gets angry easier if he hasn't had a nap.

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Maddy stopped naping about 3 months before she turned 4. When I tried to get her down all she would do is lay in her bed and sing or stare at the ceiling until I told her it was ok to get up, but then again I know some people who have kids her age that still nap... So I think as long as your child is getting enough sleep at night they dont need one... Although I do wish she still took one so I could!!!

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I am 33yrs old and I still have to get a nap at lunch time and those 30mins. are great

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I agree follow your own instincts as a mom. You know your child best. My daughter is 4. She still sucks her thumb, still carries around a blanket and still takes naps. Kids in general will give up their loveys naps and everything else when and if they are ready. Just let them be.

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I belive my daughter still needs her naps i belive it help recharge her little batterys and makes her a lot happer toddler she may only have two hours but tht makes a big differance to the way she is during the day if she wants it let her have it n as for whn she starts prschool her body will go wiv it ....

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Max naps at Daycare but no longer at home (except on longer car trips) unless we have really worn him out. If he goes down too late in the afternoon, bed time is much later. I don't think there should be an age group, each child and each household pattern is different. If your child is still willing to sleep for a short time during the day, lucky you. Some parents use this time as down time ie. reading in room (espically if younger children are still sleeping). I would image you would need to get them out of the habit before they start school.

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I let my 2yr old dictate when she needs a nap. Some days she is energetic all day and doesn't need one, other days she is sitting cuddled next to me rubbing her eyes. I don't think there is any harm in letting your child take a nap when they need it - whatever their age

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You are really never too old for naps. Children as well as adults at some point need to recharge those internal batteries. I try to get my son down for a nap almost everyday because I know he needs one. He has a better attitude and is happier after getting some good mid day rest. He may not want to go to bed and may fight it some days but some children really do need it.

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My husband works nights and I have MS so our whole family takes a nap right after school. My boys are age 6 and 4 and are healthier and happier when they get enough sleep, bed time is at about 10pm so this way everyone gets enough sleep. I have never had an issue with them all laying down at 3pm for a couple of hours and then they are not cranky during the evening hours. My husband and I have always taken naps and I guess the boys have just adopted this. He sleeps with one and I sleep with the other one, nice bonding time too.

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i think your never to old to nap it your tired your tired son is 3 some days he wil nap but either way he has quite settle down time :) but i do say there aretimes for naps...

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I know I would love to still take naps, my 3 year old doesn't take naps every day. When he is starting to get really crabby I make him lie down, but it has to be before 3 or he wont go to bed that night until 12. But if he doesn't get a nap that day then he is asleep by 8 that night and stays asleep all night until 9. So my vote is no nap.


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