Where can I find coupons for baby health needs?

Having a healthy baby is a top priority for parents. However, all the methods for keeping a baby healthy can be costly. Where can I find coupons for my babies health needs?

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My best response was emailing the companies I have been using or want to use the product of. Explaining to them that I love their stuff but due to costs that I was gonna have to switch unless they have some way to help. EVERY time I have gotten an email back with a response saying coupons were on their way and thanking me for using their products. Beyond that, it is simply the newspaper (can setup a basket where everyone can dump the coupons they won't use from Sunday's paper) - I have asked my neighbor for hers when she is done since I know she pitches the baby ones. And of course, there is always the lovely hunt online.

If you are willing to put a little money out up front to reap long time benefits, you could make or get flannel wash cloths and use them as washable baby wipes. I made my own wipes from second-hand flannel receiving blankets and a homemade solution for a baby wipe spray - to keep the wipes from molding I leave them dry and then just put the solution in a smaller spray bottle - spray the wipes as needed. These do way better than the commercial wipes in a tub anyday!! My husband even prefers them! I just use one of those diaper pails that has a pop open lid to throw them in and then wash on sanitary cycle each weekend.

The diapers - there are tons of options - if you live in the Cincinnati area, Reruns for Wee Ones near Jungle Jims on Route 4 sells some of these reusable diapers brand new and second-hand - snaps or velcro closures. These are in sizes from infant to potty-training.

I could keep going on and on... hope this helps inspire you!

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I get the majority of my baby products directly from the companies. Sign up on their email lists and "like" their facebook pages. Also sign up for baby clubs at your grocery store.

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Check at http://www.couponrefund.com usually they have because they have coupon codes for more than 15,000 stores.

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Check out sites like save.ca and websaver.ca. They will mail you coupons that you select from their available ones and they change periodically. I get diaper, formula, baby Tylenol, etc.. And household grocery coupons this way.

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I have a long post on this already at http://blogshopwin.com/bab/ basically If I don't have it linked out for you then best way is to call the companies and ask them to be put on a coupon and sample list. Most companies have such a service.

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There are alot of website where you can either get free product sample and or coupons. Gerber, pampers, Earth Best, ext.


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