Where is a good place to take a child to be evaluated for ADHD?

Wondering if your child has ADHD or not can be very difficult. Wondering if your child has been properly diagnosed or not is even more difficult. Where can I go to have my child evaluated for ADHD?

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Be VERY careful when "thinking" your child has ADD or ADHD. Most of the time they DON'T. Even if you have had personal experiences about having ADHD or ADD like I have, you probably don't or haven't had it!!!

ADHD and ADD is a FAD. My mother has a PHD in ADD and ADHD. Her thesis was on the effects that the drugs have on childrens brains and it is SCARY to say the least!! If you're concerned about ADHD or ADD, go and see a properly quallified neuro psych. I worked with kids that had ADHD and ADD in a neuro developmental clinic. We had the best results of helping kids to achieve their best WITHOUT DRUGS!!! They need to be assesd by someone that know what they're talking about. ADD AND ADHD usually stems from parts of the brain that aren't maturing properly. This can be fixed quied easily, but assuming they have ADD or ADHD, and putting them on drugs is not going to help, it will make it WORSE!!! Unfortunatly the dr's and pediatrician don't know enough about it unless they have been specialy trained. Your kids will need to have a brain mapping done to see what activity is going on in their brain at different stages of engagemen i.e reading a book, working on a maths questions, having their eyes closed etc.
This is a serious issue. One that can affect the rest of thier lives if not dealt with in the correct way.

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Thank you for this information. I was so frustrated and unable to find good advice on just where to begin to get my child tested for ADD. Thank God for this post!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this HELPFUL information. I am going to look into a Nuero Pysch now!! God bless you for this!

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I started my son with his evaluation with a group in NJ called Sunny Side for his learning disabilitys where he got at home help. When a child turns 3 years old you go through your school district and they evaluate the child and through their testing they put him in classes he needs help in the most.

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Ask your G.P to refer u a Growth & Development Specialist. They will conduct the relative tests.

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my son has ADHD we took a very long road for the diagnosis, social workers for behavior, child psychologists, diet fads, school councilors everyday was tough.

My son now takes medication for the symptoms and he is happy to do this he is still lively on the medication and will return to his normal self after 8 hours (after school) this has done him the world of good with reading and writing.

My advice will be to start at the GPS who will then refer to a specialist who will get to know your family and help you with the tough tasks and good behavior strategies all in all life will be easier for you and your child.

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Use a pediatric neuropshychologist.

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I have a 4 year old son that I'm pretty sure has ADHD. He started preschool this year, so I asked his teacher to keep an eye on him and let me know if she thinks he does have it (since she's around kids all day). At our parent-teacher conference she said she is pretty certain he does have it. She sent a referral over to someone at the elementary school he will be attending, and I expect to be getting a call soon to get the ball rolling. If your child is in preschool (or any daycare or school, for that matter) the teacher / daycare provider should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck!

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I took my stepson to a ped neurologist who dx'd him with aspergers and adhd. Because of the behavior problems we have had with him, he is seeing a ped psychiatrist which is also treating the adhd. I would either get your child into a ped neurologist or a ped psychiatrist. Ask the school if they have seen problems with your child. If they have ask for an evaluation.

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My son was diagnosed with ADHD in the second grade. I "always knew" this would be an issue we'd face as he was a very busy child. But I was CERTAIN that ADHD was not a "real" issue, and that only lazy parents medicated their children. Even before he was diagnosed I tried supplements, gluten and casien free diets, elimination of artificial dyes. There was a minimal effect, which was so insignificant that it was likely a placebo effect.

After a teacher suggested I have him tested, I was hesitant, but I went ahead and worked with our pediatrician. He was diagnosed with ADHD combined type and ODD.

We decided to try medicating him. Our family was so disrupted with the behavioral issues... my son (at age 7) continually talked about how he wished he "didn't exist" and how he "should never have been born." How could I NOT give it a try?

I'm so glad we did. He doesn't feel so dark anymore. He knows he's actually good at some things. He still struggles with writing, but with the diagnosis, I now have the tools I need to work with his teacher to find accomodations and solutions.

I really like our pediatrician; I know she KNOWS us, and I know she has the best interest of my son as a priority. While it took a couple years to settle in on medication, she listened to us, and used her knowledge to find the best solution for him.

Many prefer a child psychologist or psychiatrist. Keep in mind that a psychologist cannot prescribe medication. Our insurance does not cover mental health, and we are not in a place to utilize this route. I have no complaints about working with our pediatrician. Before we switched to the med we are currently on, she called a psychiatrist that she trusted to confer, as she had little experience with the medication.

The key is to find someone who listens to you, someone who cares. It's not an easy road, but it's worth the effort. Sometimes we have to put our pride aside and take a leap of faith. I'm glad I did.

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Your story sounds a lot like mine. My son who is 7 also talks about wishing he wasn't here. It breaks my heart and I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with him. Thinking he had ADHD I questioned his teacher last year and she told me she couldn't say either way, not that she didn't know but wasn't allowed too! I was shocked! Our pediatrician can't deal with medicating for ADHD so I have him in therapy, for self esteem issues and he is to see a psychiatrist at the end of the month to further discuss the diagnosis of ADHD. I am thankful that there are people willing to talk about their situations because I didn't know where to start with this, considering his school was so unwilling to help. Thanks for sharing your story and I am glad to hear your son is doing better!

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Talk to your childs pediatrician about finding a psycologist in the area. They are usually qualified. also, take him in for a second opinion if your not sure!

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Federal Laws require the State to provide for evaluation of children under the Birth to Three Program. Google "Your State Birth to Three Program". For children three and older the local educational agency is required to provide a complete evaluation of the child at no cost to the parent under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. No teacher should be telling parents to go somewhere else for evauation of disabilites instead of Referring the Child for Evaluation to the child's local public school. Watch out for school administrators, they wish to deny rights to save money.

cut and paste web address http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=a2fc07907ab51b1936e3895d01661ab9&mc=true&node=sp34.2.300.d&rgn=div6#se34.2.300_1301
, go to sections (the funny double S is read "section") below

34 C.F.R. (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 300:

§300.301 Initial evaluations.
§300.304 Evaluation procedures.

Public agency is your state or local school.

NOTE: If your child needs a professional evaluation that the school is not qualified to provide, it is still at no cost to the parent (school pays) including if the evauation required a doctor of any type. Schools may not be qualified to diagnose many disabling conditions and they are not entitled to practice medicine without a license. School administrations, generally, will try to pull the wool over your eyes. Whatever the school says ask for their statements in writing, and if they won't give it to you then you write it down, who said what and the date. You can send them a letter with that info to protect you and your child.

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I need to find a local childrens physiologist in my area so im not driving all the way to Akron i live in warren ohio any suggestions? I need to get my son tested to ADHD the doctor had gave me a referal now i gotta find a good physiologist around me.

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believe it or not go on amazon . com and order a book from Dr Amen. called the SIX forms of ADD. It was very helpful to know that there arent only two kinds, ADHD and ADD and it helped with different meds and which one helped with which type. I had NO idea there was 6 different types and had been treated all my childhood with Adderral and it turned out to be the "brain injury: kind of med.. the book is extremely helpful, interesting and helps people to be more empathetic towards people who have what ever type of attention deficit disorder and its in lamens terms. please check it out and it is only $11- for soooo much information

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We took our son to a developmental pediatrician who was very thorough in the evaluations and diagnosis. It took a total of 3 visits: 2 for testing and 1 to go over the results for a total of 5 hours.

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I took my son to The Child Study Center in Ft. Worth, TX. The Dr. was very helpful and impressed that I had done a majority of the work for him in that I had all the checklists and study already filled out by me and my son's teacher. My son had an anger outburst at school that resulted in me having to purchase a new glass door that made me follow thru on the meds. I was doing it by diet before and it helped some.

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Google Pediatric Neurological Psychiatrist that specialize in ADHD diagnosis. Check references and good luck.

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i took my sons to a fully qualified phychiatrist that specializes in ADHD.

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developmental councelor

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The Texas Tech University held a study and found that Advocare's product, SPARK, beat out Riddlin 3 out of 4 times in helping children with Autism and ADHD. The fourth time they actually tied! I don't know about you, but I would never medicate my child with something that gets beat out and then tied. I'd give them what works. If you are interested in the study I have attached the site. If you are interested in ordering the SPARK I have attached that site as well!

The Study:

Where you can order some:

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My son started Reception this September and had similar symtoms of ADHD, however he was assessed and they found out he was just really clever, and bored. Please just be careful, explore other avenues first, dont go straight for the 'there is something wrong with them', it could just be something simple like it was for my son

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Hi Heather, depending on where you live, a good place to take a child for an assesment is at a Biofeedback clinic. If you're living in Sydney, I can recommened a wonderful woman to see. Otherwise, there is a group on facebook called, Neurofeedback - EEG Info. Try to find this site and go from there! :)

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It depends on where you live. I am in Maryland and I took my son to Kennedy Kreiger Institute. They are very nice there and they are great with the kids. All they had to do is see my son once to tell me that he has ADHD. They ask you questions and the child questions. They look at their body structure.

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I would talk to your ped's dr about your concerns and ask if going to a behavioral specialist will give you some insight.

Ask your ped's dr. whom they would recommend and why. Find some other parents that are having similiar issues and whom they see.

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I have 6 children. 3 step and 3 mine 2 of my children are adhd and 1 step child is adhd. I started using some of the self tests on the internet and making journals of their activities and things they ate throughout the day. Eliminate the foods the articles about ADHD tell you to steer clear of. If the problems still persist and they are causing you to stay on the child constantly I would try to tough it out wout meds until it is time to start school. Doctors where I live usually say unless the child has a really bad behavior that they see it as parents jobs to deal with their children up until Kindergarten then they will help with meds bc the other students and teachers should not have to suffer bc of our childrens behavior. I see it as being a lot to do with the way kids are raised these days, they did NOT have ADHD meds several years back. I have my 3 on Concerta 36 mg for the boy 5th grader and 36 mg for the girl 1st grade and 54mg for the girl 5th grader. She requires more help paying attention she is really fidgety with things on or in her desk so it helps her. However, they eat breakfast every morning before taking their med and they usually snack on lunch and may eat dinner or may eat it later. The med really changes their appetite. You can try to determine if your child really has it then take them to your pediatrician or a child psychologist for diagnosis and medication. You can do like we do on weekends we may half the med or not give it to them so they can be themselves. My 5th grade boy hates to take it bc he has heard his father (not in the picture) and his gma (dads side of family) say the meds are BS. I want my child to have the best life future and education possible so I feel as if he needs a little medication to help him be successful. By the time he gets to middle school maybe 8th grade going into 9th high school I will take him off of it and make him understand that there are many kids that have to behave and that have to have self control all day. I do not want my children growing up addicted to a medication bc this is the popular drug among college students right now. Noone want there kids on meds.....

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Not sure where you are but we went to the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas for our then 5 year old DD to be evaluated for Dyslexia....when they were finished with the testing we were told that she was also ADHD as well as Dyslexic...we had no idea we were even being tested for that but it sure answered alot of questions. I'm just not sure if they do just ADHD testing without there also being some other type of issue. This is a free service provided by the hospital it just takes a while to get in...you may want to see if there is someplace similar in your area.

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i live in dallas. what dept in the hosp would i need to call?

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My son turned 3 yrs old in May, and we have seen the pediatrician and I also have been working with a team of people since he was 3 mths old. There is a wait list but you should talk to your pediatrician about it, it's called the ICAN assessment. We are scheleduled to do the assessment in Sept. We live in Kamloops so they have two psychologists come from Kelowna to be in on the assessment.

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i had my son checked out for ADHD when he was 4 years old, as his teacher thought i should do. he does have ADHD. i would say wait until they enter school. teachers deal with many different children over the years and they can see the differences from child to child. also do lots of research online.

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First, you should talk to your child's pediatrician and let them know why you may suspect ADHD. They will be your first line in referring you to a specialist. I know that my son was suspected as having ADHD along with having an autism spectrum disorder. My son's pediatrician gave me a questionnaire for me and his teacher to fill out. The pediatrician then had a scale that she scored our questionnaire forms and then evaluated the results. It was determined based on the scoring that he didn't appear to have AHDH but most of his "issues" are related to his ASD. If he had scored where he would exhibit AHDH then she would have discussed medication options and counseling. It is always a good idea to talk to your pediatrician about your concerns about your child's health. They may know of some options if they can't help.

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Honestly, if you think your child has ADHD and they haven't hit puberty then they probably do not have ADHD. It is usually something that does not come to light until they hit puberty. My son is very active but he also will sit still when I tell him to. Children who have ADHD will not do this. I have done a lot of research because of the fact that I had ADD and my brother had ADHD when we were younger. I did not have any problems until I was 11 though and neither did my brother. I think people tend to diagnose active children (especially boys) as having ADHD when they really are just being kids. Children were not meant to sit at a desk all day just learning. Learning is supposed to be fun. I remember when I was little and we would play all the time in kindergarten and even in first grade, we had so much fun but we learned at the same time. I think there is too much emphasis on making children learn and learning earlier and earlier. We need to quit just believing what doctors tell us and as parents do our own research. Look at the side effects (long-term and short-term) of what the meds are that your doctor is prescribing your child before you start giving it to your child. I was never put on meds, my parents did their research and found a teacher who taught the best way that I learned, I was never put on meds. Just a suggestion.

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This is not at all based in science or fact. In fact, the opposite is true; in order to be diagnosed with ADHD, children need to have exhibited symptoms for at least 6 months before the age of 7. If it's showing up at puberty, or teenage years, it's likely something different.

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A good child psychologist can do it.

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My daughters school had brought it to my attention and then I talked to my daughters doctor! Now we see a doctor who deals with children like her!

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my son is 6 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD but im not convinced that he has this and hear so many people say that children are being wrongly diagnosed. my son seems to be doing well academically and is quite clever there have been incidents at school where he has hurt some one but when i talk to him he tells me different im finding this realy hard as i never know what to exspect when i collect him from school. he can be a good boy at home and problems seem to start when he enters the school gates he is constantly talking about certain boys in his class and these names always come up when an incident arises i my self just think my son can be easily led into situations and naughty at times i also dont agree how they diagnose children with this as my son was diagnosed with two questionaires one from the school and one from my self. please if any body can suggest who i go to and get him properly diagnosed thank you


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