Why does my baby get the hiccups so bad?

Hiccups can be uncomfortable for babies and even more-so for their parents trying to alleviate the situation. What are some natural remedies to help stop babies hiccuping?

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I nurse her when she has the hiccups and it goes away... a friend and mother of 8 taught me that! i think it's the combo of sucking and the sweetness of the milk that helps

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I do the same thing...stops the hiccups in their tracks!

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Gripe water!! aka miracle water. It's for hiccups and colic it works wonderfully and it's all natural.

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It is miracle water! Love it and helps with my baby's colic so I may get 4 hours of sleep a day.

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i find a couple extra pulls on the ol' milk bottle helps sooth the hiccups.

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hiccups are natural...and despite what people think they don't bother the baby...when my son was first born he ALWAYS had hiccups. when i asked his doctor she told me if he got the when i was prego he would get them not to worry!!

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I used to nurse my son or gave him a pacifier(sometimes it didn't work though), but doesn't nurse or use his paci anymore so just let them go away on their own, he doesn't even seem to notice them. He doesn't get them that much anymore though

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I don't know. Our doctor always said that hiccups are natural for babies and don't bother them like they do adults. I just always encouraged them to drink and tried to burp them.

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Hiccups are another way for a baby to bring up wind. I find that they ease when I walk around with my baby high on my shoulder, just like getting her to burp.

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One thing I've found is that if I drink soda, my baby gets hiccups. So I cut out the soda and now she rarely gets the hiccups. But whenever she would, I would nurse her or give her a bit of gripe water, and that seemed to help.

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Hi There, with my baby we found that either she was cold or she needed a diaper change. We got really good at changing her before the hiccups arrived. And if we were not fast enough we would give her a sip of milk/water/(watered down juice) what ever your baby can have. Usually that took care of the hiccups for us :) Good Luck

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Give them some more to drink.


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