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Words of wisdom and encouragement for moms trying to adopt

The adoption process is notoriously long and difficult. What words of wisdom and encouragement can you offer to moms who've been waiting a while to welcome their little ones home?

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2  Answers

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Many words come and go
But one thing I know is that
if you want something so bad
You will stick it out to the end
As your heart desires the best
and the price you pay for that will
be incomparable and unfathomable.
Just like babies are formed in the womb
so is the process to follow, so don't hurry it
or you might abhort it and end up with nothing! Learn to Praise God all day long to quicken the process that follows because when you whinge and complain you hinder the blessing that comes your way as it is alive with a heart to make you smile all the way and remove your pain!!!

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Trust in the Lord, He knows your needs. I could not have got through the long, difficult process without Him. And know that in the end, it is SOOOO worth every bit of heartache. We finalized the adoption of our first little girl after a year of being in constant fear that she could be taken away. Like so many others, we could not imagine life without her! She is the answer to our prayers. I have even come to thank God that He did NOT get us pregnant, or we would not have our amazing little girl! Try not to focus on what 'may' or 'may not' happen in the process, for you can't change those things. Instead, enjoy every day you have with your little one. Before you know it, you will be a Forever Family :)


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