Quilting and Sewing Moms

A place where you can ask questions about your current projects and show off your finished projects! Sewing is a love of mine, it is a way to help keep me sane when my 2 kids are having especially rough days. lol! What is your current sanity project?


New to sewing..

Im getting a sewing machine Saturday and im just wondering what all i should buy to get me started.I still dont know what my first project should be...any suggestions?



Hi I am Edy! I have a wonderful husband Bob I have 2 children under 3. Vincenzo is 2 and Edyta is 1. I have a 20 year old step daughter and she has blessed us with a grandson...


brand spanking new

I just got my first book book on quilting and it a Lone Star pattern. Sure I start with this one or is there something easier? I use to crazy quilt but I would like some thing...


Machine Quilter or Hand?

I am just wondering if most of you machine quilt? I am taking a class and our teacher only does machine quilting. Do any of you do both? And if you do how would you compare the...


How do you make time to sew?

Hello ladies, I was just thinking that it would be nice if we could share some of our organization and time- saving tips that relate to sewing. For example, how you organize...


Anyone out there a cross stitcher?

I am currently 5 months pregnant and working on my son's birth sampler, crib quilt, and bibs. I was wondering if there were any other stichers out there that can offer advice...


Baby Shirt Pattern??

I am currently working on a birthday outfit for my daughter who is turning 1. I'm done the skirt and shoes and I am going to start the shirt soon. The only problem is that I can...


quilts for other people

I have made some baby blankets for several people. I feel like it is just another gift to them. I spent alot of time and it doesn't seem like they even like it that much. I...


NE1 make clothes for yourself?

Hi! i want to make a dress for myself but totally worried about the fit. Especially after spending so much time and energy working on it. Any tips? TIA!


Lace Books

A friend of mine just recently gave me a couple of lace "books". He thinks they belonged to his grandmother but since they had been in his garage, he'd never seen them before....


i finished my son's quilt!!!

i finished it in time to give it to him for christmas! i was so happy. after all it only took me 3 months when my daughter's took me 2 years to finish. sure im easily distracted...


Is there any way?.......

to MAKE cloth diapers? I wanted to use them right off but my daughters hips were already to wide for the ones that u can buy, help!


New to COM's

Hi all. I am new to COM's and am interested in meeting other stay at home moms who quilt. I've been quilting for some time. I like to make stuff and give it away. I also make up...


Advice on hand sewing

Hi, Im wanting to learn how to handsew-dont have a machine :) .Does anyone know of any books or websites you could reccomend that would get me off on the right foot?? Thanks :D


Fabric buying on line?

Has anyone bought fabric on line? What kind and what was your experience? What would you recommend I look for? Anywhere really good in the US? I am looking at buying for quilts...