Do you have a current sewing project?

Yvonne - posted on 11/14/2008 ( 16 moms have responded )




I'm currently working on a space quilt for my son. Like all the quilts i make for my kids it is themed. His quilt happens to be space themed. I'm about half way through with the front. It's taken me about a week of evenings to get it done. I'm the type of person who will find the smallest mistake and redo tat area. lol. needless to say i've changed out fabrics and decided to throw out a fabric or two. So, today i'm headed out to find a fabric that will work. and of course since i like the quilts i make for them to be interesting to touch i have too go find the perfect buttons while im out too. im trying to figure out how i should quilt it. im debating a couple options including quilting the back with a another front layer and attaching the front unquilted. im not sure how that would work though. like i said im debating it. lol. i should be able to post half way through picture in a couple days or so.


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Deborah - posted on 12/09/2012




I make lots of fun things for baby mostly (my daughter is 5mo). I use pintrest to gather all my tutorials and patterns. If anyone is interested, here are some links

Projects recently have been:

Baby slippers (0-6mo), the "bapron" (baby apron), fancy burp cloths...

Check out my pintrest boards here:

especially the make it: child board. Follow me for even more to come

Ashley - posted on 09/16/2010




I'm currently working on making my daughter Belle's yellow ball gown for halloween.

Wisdom - posted on 04/24/2010




Here is my latest sewing project:

In preparation for summer, I wanted to create something fun, colorful and unique for Flower as well as flexible, comfortable and convenient for Wisdom. The outcome was this cute set of Mommy and Me clothes and accessories that will remind everyone that summer is almost here :)

To learn more about it, please visit my facebook page:


Belinda - posted on 04/02/2010




I work from home as a machinist for a company that makes designer clothing. At the moment I'm working on a NomD skirt/dress. Very cool with black lycra band and checked fabric bubble skirt with pleats around the top that kind of twist around it. I live in NZ but this is a label that is also sold in europe so you's might see it instore in a couple of months

Sofia - posted on 12/31/2009




hi, i'm currently working on making rice hot/cold bags with reusable covers, flaxseed and lavender eye pillows, and some new projects will include a t-shirt tutu line

Eva - posted on 12/15/2009




I'm working on making a mei tai carrier. well two really. for for my son and one for my daughter. We have one that I'm using as a pattern but my hubby refuses to wear it b/c it's pink. lol =)

Stormy - posted on 12/14/2009




yeah the one that iam working on i've been on it for 3 years (since i was 18), my granny for got my birthday she said that i could eather have money or she would teach me how to quilt/sew, i told her that the money would be gone in nothing flat :D, and not meny woman/moms know how to quilt/sew. my quilt is a sampler, its 109' long and 96' wide, its BIG, but i love it, the colors r 4 diffrent blues and 4 diffrent yellows (i LOVE blue and yellow together), I hand pieced each block, i have alot of star blocks, i have sun bounit sue and overall bill 2 sets, thats all i can think of for now. i am quilting it by hand, i have it in a quilt frame that my granny is letting me use and that is bout all there is to it.....i think, lol, :)

Michelle - posted on 11/13/2009




Hi. i am now making my own christmas stockings this year for my grandchildren, neices an nephew .so far they are looking very nice i think , first time for me .I am making them out of fleece material, i have bells glitter an little glitter trees ,letters ect to put on them . I am also doing tied fleece blankets . I sewed a snoopy blanket last week i liked that one alot its fleece material also.i love to learn other things to sew so ideas are so welcome

Vickey - posted on 10/27/2009




I make fabric postcards. It is my most favorite hobby besides scrapbooking. I am making Christmas postcards now. I sell them and Christmas is the best selling ones. I usually get my fabric from Wal-mart and from people who quilt because the scraps from quilts work really good for this since they are 4x6. I also order special fabric from off of Ebay when I can't find it locally.

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A long-term project is to make a quilt with all the soft, overly washed baby clothes my son outgrew. But current project is a giraffe print crib bumper- I'm debating how to incorporate some jungle animals on there and which method to use.

Tessa - posted on 09/15/2009




I'm working on items for our new baby atm. We're too broke to buy stuff for our new addition or to clothe our daughter atm, so I am making clothes for both kids and items for the nursery. We lost all our baby furniture and nursery items in our move to our property, so I am kind of starting all over again. Have made a coming home outfit and baby sling. Am looking forward to making nursery decorations etc. Just need to get some patterns and save money for more material as I am running out of scraps!! :)


Belinda - posted on 08/25/2009




back to school clothes (almost done with those) and then next is a pageant dress

Dawn - posted on 06/25/2009




I am currently making a scrappy quilt for my 17 month old. Hope to have it done in time for him to use when he's ready for the big boy bed.

Laura - posted on 06/17/2009




Hello, I am currently working on aprons and resuable shopping bags. I sew baby items as well, bibs, placemats, burpcloths. I create alot of my own designs.

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