How do you make time to sew?

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Hello ladies,
I was just thinking that it would be nice if we could share some of our organization and time- saving tips that relate to sewing. For example, how you organize your stash or threads, or what you do to make your life more organized... ultimately, how do you make more time for sewing???


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Sylvia - posted on 05/11/2010




I try to organize my threads into those great plastic drawers you get at wal-mart or dollar store & sewing supplies go well in there too. Place those on a bookshelf in my sewing room. Fabrics are in baskets I collect & stack on the floor as are my patterns. You can never have enough baskets for storage or shelves or plastic drawers. If you have limited space; store in a closet/under a bed/under a coffee table that has a large table cloth over it.
I agree with nap times ~ do your sewing or stay up an hour more after everyone has gone to bed & make time for your sewing & cutting then. : )

Alexa - posted on 04/18/2010




i sew when my son is taking a nap or when he is ocupied with toys tv or his books. but he loves to stand there and wach me sew

Brittany - posted on 04/06/2010




I try cutting out all of the pieces while Ben is playing by himself on the floor and put away what is unneeded while leaving out that which I need. I like to also read through the directions first so you aren't reading through them the first time when your sewing. Then when baby is in nap time, SEW, SEW, SEW!

Joyce - posted on 04/05/2010




Assembly line it!! Everything that is one color of fabric or certain cut, do it all at once or as time permits. I have all my fabrics sorted and bagged to the project they are intended for and I have grounded myself from buying any more until those projects are done. I have 3-5 drawer cubbies that I have sorted all my notions into. One drawer is nothing more than "sewing notions" simply because there is not enough of any one thing to justify it's own drawer. Scissors have their own drawer with the rotary cutters. Pens and pencils their own, mini irons in their own, etc. I did the same with my scrapbooking stuff. Hope this helps.

Belinda - posted on 04/02/2010




Well for me its a matter of having to make the time as I work from home as an outwork machinist, Im also studying fashion design by correspondence so between all that and my baby life is very busy, you have to do these things to get ahead though. I have a shed beside my house my husband so very kindly done up for me where i keep my machines. I have plastic stacker boxes some for patterns some for fabrics and smaller containers for all my notions. I work while bubs is asleep, when we have rough days that sometimes means i work through the night to catch up on work. Time saving tips, keep a spare bobbin wound in the colour your using having to stop what your doing to wind a bobin takes time. Also simple things like sewing all same colours at once insteade of chopping and changing. Learning to sew without the need for using pins saves HEAPS of time. I dont use any pins saves sooo much time. I dont press until im finished either. Hope that helps

Dawn - posted on 02/05/2010




Nap time and bedtime for quilting without extra "helpers" tearing stuff up. I have my fabric displayed in a bookcase and smaller fabric organized by color/ theme in a multi drawer cabinet. Threads on hanging thread organizer from JoAnn's. Haven't figured out way to organize all the notions and misc. tools. Hope that helps.

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