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Just wondering if anyone can explain to me exactly what dystonia is?? My daughter is technically diagnosed (in all her paperwork when she has a checkup) with spastic quadriplegia w/dystonia. The doctors have never really brought it up, and I haven't really started thinking about it till now. I've tried looking it up online, and have just found a bunch of hard-to-decipher medical jargon.


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Paula - posted on 04/07/2010




It interferes with activities such as writing or playing a musical instrument by causing involuntary muscular contractions. The condition is sometimes "task-specific," meaning that it is generally only apparent during certain activities. Focal hand dystonia is neurological in origin, and is not due to normal fatigue. The loss of precise muscle control and continuous unintentional movement results in painful cramping and abnormal positioning that makes continued use of the affected body parts impossible. **so when we extend our arm it just goes no flaw no stopping during movement when our kids do it there are jerks within it not fluent the action is broken up not smooth does that helps????? you notice when they check the range there are moments the doctors stop pulling the arm straight thats where the dystonia is

Alicia - posted on 07/28/2009




well my son also has quadriplegic Spasticity and I guess dystonia has something to do with the muscle tone. but you she probably ask them to explain a lil more. talk to a therapist or developmental pediatrics physician.

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