son was taught manners though you

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growing up manners were always very important to our family, we weren't even allowed to scratch our arms in public as it was roude, never leave the house with your hair wet etc. well not to go that far but my kids have been taught to be respectful, and polite. table manners is a given...or IS it? i taught my son to eat with his mouth shut, never to speak while food is in there, how to place his utencils when finnished a meal and of course to stay seated once seated. he pretty much acts like a 2 year old at the table. up and down like a yo-yo, talks with his mouth full regularly and for some reason he always ends up with food all over his face when he's done eating something. he doesnt cover his mouth while yawning and he's told this on a daily basis. he knew all this when he was 4 but its seriously slid downhill over the years and i have been the biggest part of his life since day one. we were over to one of our oldest freinds homes for supper with her family and we were eating on the deck so the kids were free to leave once finished. my son came back over to the table made an "uh-" and a "hu-" sound and pinhed out an audiable toot. he thought he was funny. none of us thought so. i told him to smarten up and dont be gross! then 15 mins later he did it AGAIN! i told him if he did it ever again id publically beat him...i was at a loss and totally shocked. he has done this before at home repeatedly and gotten eventually in supreme ess-ache-eye-tee fior it. i am still so embarassed, its like he doesnt get it. and people assume he hasnt been taught so i look like an ass. the only person ive ever seen do that before was a special need girl besides boys being gross in grade school. grade 5 boys dont really think thats funny anymore and he's going into grade 6. how do i get it accross to him that he's making an ass of himself and his mother at the same time? this needs to stop or im going to show him what my mom used wooden spoons for!....please help!

(we've had him tested, theres no medical reason he acts this way)


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We had a dinner planned one night... to celebrate our business 'coming out of the red'. My stepson (16) had been such a JERK all day LONG! So... when it came time to get ready for dinner... I let him get dressed, never said a word. I let him gather his gameboy put it in the truck. He's all ready to go and I told him, "You aren't going. This is a business dinner, and you don't know how to act in public. You will embarass me and your father and our business partner..... and you aren't doing that to us. Stay here." He protested, he argued, he promised... he was smiling the whole time. I said no. I told him if we were going to Chuckie Cheese or something like that he would be more than welcome, but I didn't feel like he was MATURE enough to go to a nice steak house for a real business dinner with grownups.

We went. Alone. He did NOT go.... and the next night at dinner... guess who acted like a human again?

I honestly think that by hurting his feelings AND leaving him home... he had a few hours to think about it. He missed out on a HUGE day for his Daddy's business and maybe it helped him realize, he's never going to inherit Daddy's business if he is acting like a child.

That was all in the past.... Daddy died Sept 10 2007... Derrick (age 24) took over December 1, 2008 and the business is still thriving. I am proud of Derrick... he turned into a responsible young man and I still get compliments from my friends/excustomers about how fair he is. I know his Daddy is in heaven smiling down on him... full of pride.

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