Possible Milk allergy

Sarah - posted on 05/27/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 1 year old and she is my only child. Yesterday we began to switch our daughter over to Organic whole milk. We added 4 oz of whole milk with 28 oz of formula.. Yesterday afternoon her nose started running and I thought it might be because she is teething but last night she woke up screaming and crying and she was struggling with breathing because the mucus was so thick. It then hit me that she may have a milk allergy. She has never had a recation to anything else we've given her before including yogurt bites (gerber) and yogurt drinks. If this is a milk allergy what do I do for her? Do we continue to give her small amounts so her body will get over the allergy or do we need to stop the whole milk completely? Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Diana - posted on 06/12/2009




You should take her to a Allergy doctor they will give her a skin test...do not give her anymore cause it will just make the allergy worse...When my son was born he vomitted everywhere when he had formula milk based we didnt think anything of it. (I then brestfeed for year) but when he was about 6 months old I started giving formula bottle at night try get him sleep longer but that just made his stomach hurt gave him runny nose...doctor switched him to soy formula. But then when he was 10 months old I gave him yobaby yogurt and his eyes puffed up almost swelled shut rash on his sides and had hard time breathing. I called a allergy doctor told them what happen they said to come in for skin test. They did a test found out his allergy was so bath that it was threat on his life. They said next time I gave it to him could been his last we could lost him. They say children can grow out of it that what we are working no now. He is 4 and they say he borderline allergy. So from what your saying I say there is a allergy so stop all milk (I stop all dairy but not eggs different family) till you get skin test...good luck :)

Stacey - posted on 06/11/2009




My son was allergic to milk and reacted with severe diarrhea cramps. I took him to the MD and we stopped all milk products and he was allergy tested. He out grew it by age 4.

Julia - posted on 06/06/2009




Of course the best thing to do is share your experience with your baby's MD, but to me it doesn't sound like a milk allergy. My son is allergic to cow's milk and he reacts to abolutely everything with milk in it...yogurt, cheese, whey, butter, even most margerine. In fact, we first found out about the allergy because he had a reaction when we began giving him infant formula. Our MD's advice was to stay away from ALL dairy for 1 year and then try to introduce it again, but I know the standard of care for dealing with food allergies in babies is changing all the time. Good luck...hope your daughter doesn't turn out to be allergic!

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