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Raising Intact Boys

Mommies who chose not to circumcise their sons or mommies to be who have questions


Our sons were born PERFECT

Thank you for joining my group. Hopefully we can aid some mommies to be in their circumcision decision. Our boys were born perfect... why mutilate their bodies?


Family members and their opinions

I've got two boys who are intact, 2 years old and 3 months old. There are some family members who are still bothered by the fact that our kids are uncut and some who have made...


Have you ever been criticized?

My husband and I live in the deep south, and we were both very much against having either of our sons circumcised. My husband's British, and circumcision is pretty rare where...


Want more info... Pulling Back

Okay so my hubbys familly is all un-circ as is my son 2mths. My mother-in-law says that you have to pull back the skin every time you change their diaper. However I have read...


My sons obsession with retracting...

My 4yo foreskin naturally retracted by time he was 3. At that time he pointed out to me that he had a "new one". He is now constantly retracting his foreskin. I am concerned...


New to the group

Hi I'm Kyla and new to this group. I just joined and found this today. I am a mom of two boys and a girl. I'm someone who is very pro-foreskin and so of course my boys are...


just joined

Hi! My 18-month old, Nathan, is intact, just like his daddy. I was super excited when I "discovered :)" my hubby wasn't need to convince him that our son...



my son is a year and a half and has gone through 3 pedi's i have a problem finding one that doesnt pull his foreskin back when he gets checked. even though we told our pedi we...


night time diapering

My 8 month old son sleeps well for the first half of the night and increasingly more fitfully the second half of the night. Recently it has come to my attention that this has to...



Please invite all your friends who do not circumcise... lets expand our group and our knowledge!

Started by Jennifer on 01/07/2009 in Raising Intact Boys

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