Raising Kids with Kidney Disease

Parents of kids who are diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease have many questions about what might happen next, how their child might feel, and what treatments are likely to be involved. Four major areas of concern are blood pressure, diet, anemia (low red blood cell count), and growth. Kids may feel sick at times, need to take medicines, and watch what they eat and drink. I have created this community so that us parents can help each other out in answering each others questions.


Update on Faith

Just got the letter...... Faith's creatinine is at the highest its ever been at 2.25 kidney, her level is at 21% at this moment. .. When it gets below 20% then we start talking...


New here *questions*

Hi I'm new here my name is Sabrina and my daughter Sarah was origionally diagnosed with ARPKD but was correctly diagnosed with MKD & Reflex. She has 1 working kidney at best and...


Peg Tube to Mickey Tube

Did anybody have to go through the switch from Peg tube to Mickey Tube? My son has had his Peg Tube in for almost 3 months and wanted to know what some of you may feel about the...


DR. Visit Updates

Thought it would be cool if we could all log in everytime a kidney visit is over, to report the good, the bad and the ugly in order to help us support each other during both the...