Raising Multi-lingual Children

For anyone is raising a multi-ligual child. Bi-lingual definitely counts too but it gets more complicated the more languages you introduce. How are you going about the process? What are your rules? Any funny stories?


Watching Them Stumble

Hi Ladies, I've been having a great time lately watching my son plow through speaking and combining the languages. He used to only speak Dutch (from his dad) and just blink at...


Let\'s Get This Party Started!

Hello Everyone!\n\nJust writing as we are all members of this group but we\'re not writing anything :-P Now that the holidays are over and (hopefully) we have some peace and...



Hi all! Just thought I would introduce myself: I'm from Finland but live in Denmark with my Danish husband and our two children (3-year-old girl and 20-month-old boy). We speak...



hello, just wondering what languages you are teaching your children and the reasons behind it. I am not bi lingual myself but my fiance is japanese and so he will be teaching...


no native speaker in house

Hi All, I'm new here! My husband and I are wanting to begin Spanish with our 2 year old twin boys. Niether of us speak Spanish as a native language. He took Spanish for 7...


Too many languages?

Hi! I was very glad to find and join this group:-) I am a Czech mum talking to my two years old kid in Czech. My husband is a Spanish native speaker, so our son talks to him in...