Raising your kids while living with others

This is for anyone to share their thoughts(pros and cons) of what it is like to live with in-laws,parents,grandparents etc.


breaking from bottle

when jenna turned 12 months i was slowly trying to break her from her bottle and she was doing pretty good. then we moved in with my mom and she thinks that im being mean and...


bad habits

so i try really hard to teach my daughter what she can and cant do, but my mom thinks its funny when jenna does certain things and allows her to do things that she knows i dont...



my mom is such a control freak, and it seems like everything i do is wrong! im trying so hard to keep things picked up but my 15 month old is into everything all the time, and...



Since i'm about to have a boy i wonder has anyone ever heard of waiting to circumsize till the 8th day because that's when the vitamin k kicks in and he would clot blood faster,...