Drug Addicted Mothers. Your say?!

Amanda - posted on 12/03/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I was watching a show last night about how a female cop couldn't arrest 2 pregnant young moms to be because they didn't have drugs on them. Even though there were track marks up and down there arms, and disgusting boils and bruises all up and down their arms. The cop asked them if they were high, and they both replied not on heroin, but ice yes. Like that's any better! Than neither one had been to a dr or had prenatal care and one of them looked about 8 months pregnant! She was also the one who has a 3 yr old in the custody of the state because she was born addicted to methadone, and the mother was founded unfit when the child was a yr old for having drugs in the house. I don't understand how people can do this to their children!! I mean the child isn't asking to be addicted to such horrible drugs at birth! I wish people like these low life worthless people would be taken off the streets and unable to reproduce!!!! It makes me sick to think of the poor innocent baby who is goign to be brought into this world with soo many difficult challenges that he or she has no control over, when the baby could have been born extremley healthy and happy! I just want to know your opinion!


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User - posted on 09/23/2012




this makes me sick as well and sadley the state can do nothing untill the child is born. If at birth the mother or child test positive then cps can step in, but the hospital would have to know to do the drug test to begin with.

Sarah - posted on 01/03/2012




Addiction is a complicated thing. It makes the person care more about getting their substance (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc) than anything else in their life, including their family, body, and children. Unfortunately, the person also has to be ready to give up their addiction for any sort of treatment to work. The habit needs to be tackled (what brings on the use?) and the addiction (physical need for it). Usually people use the term "hitting bottom" when referring to someone being ready to rehabilitate. For some, this may be losing a job, for others, losing a child, and still for others, losing their life. Also unfortunately, in our society, fetuses (using the legal term for a baby who has not yet been born) do not have rights. If I had my way, this would be different. Having cared for a baby in my line of work that was the 6th heroin addicted baby to the same mother, I would make it mandatory that any mother who has even 1 drug addicted infant have an IUD inserted until it can be proven that she has at least a year of sobriety. I don't think permanent sterilization is fair because there are women who are able to turn their lives around and go on to have healthy children and become great moms, but I do think that future drug addicted children should be prevented. I think if a woman is found to be pregnant and on drugs, that she should be incarcerated until after her pregnancy, go through rigorous treatment and detox, have mandatory observation of children who have ongoing difficulties such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or babies on morphine to help detox them, and also to prevent them from using the rest of their pregnancy. I also think that more treatment and detox centers need to be built. In our province, there is on average a 3 week wait just for someone to get into detox. Often the moment for that person to want to quit has passed by that time. I think provinces need to invest more dollars into treating the disease of addiction rather than treating the overdoses, drug addicted babies, and other medical conditions that can occur as a result.

Melissa - posted on 01/18/2011




I used to drugs really bad and my honest opinion is if I could quit cold turkey when I thought I could possibly be pregnant anyone can. Just the thought of hurting an innocent baby is enough to stop the action itself

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you know what i saw this tyra episode about mothers that smoke weed. and they were like every mother needs to smoke weed. and they are high while the kids are awake they are driving them and stuff what do you think about that?

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