• Let’s just say that there is no shortage of Girl Scout Cookie’s in our house at this moment in time. My 7-year old daughter is a proud member of the Girl Scout Daisy Troops and beyond excited to be selling these classics. (Guess who else was pretty darn happy when I received a call the cookies had arrived?) Well, coincidentally Mahjong night fell around the same time and good friend of mine had a special request for me. A dessert that encompassed the almighty “peanut butter & chocolate” dynamic duo. No arm had to be twisted on this end. It is by far my favorite marriage (other my own of course). The Magic Bullet was squeaky clean and the kid’s were ready to crunch those cookies away. So…how many of the treats do you think made it to my game that night? I can promise you everyone had a nibble…maybe two :-)


  • •1 box Girl Scout Do Si Dos cookies (if you don’t have do-si-dos use a similar type peanut butter sandwich cookie as below)
  • •1/3 cup smooth peanut butter (add more if too dry)
  • •1 cup milk chocolate chips
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PREP TIME 20 Min READY IN 2 Hr 23 Min


  1. Using a food processor or magic bullet crush all but two cookies until they resemble a sand-like
  2. Pour into a mixing ball and add in peanut butter.
  3. Mix with a hand blender or large spoon until thoroughly combined.
  4. Chill bowl in refrigerator for at least 1/2 hour.
  5. The mixture MUST be cold before rolling into balls or it will get too mushy.
  6. Roll cookie-mixture with hands into golf sized balls
  7. .Place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and put in refrigerator to really firm up before dipping begins.
  8. Place milk chocolate in a microwavable bowl for 2 1/2 minutes and melt until smooth stirring every 45 seconds. (If melted chocolate appears to thick add in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to thin it out.)
  9. Using a large fork dip the cookie ball into the chocolate to completely coat and let extra drip through the prongs.
  10. Place each one onto wax paper. (Work fast so the balls stay cold and the melted chocolate stays silky sheen.)
  11. Crumble remaining two cookies on top.
  12. Place in refrigerator for a couple of hours to firm up and serve.


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