• For full recipe with photos visit http://randomdrawers.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/creamy-capsicum-mushroom-and-parmesan.html
  • I love great tasting, good quality food, but I'm on a budget so it takes a little ingenuity to ensure that I get the flavours I desire from my cooking.
  • My ingenuity comes in the form of shopping frugally; and I'm not embarrassed to shop the reduced to clear items. In fact these days I plan my meals around them. When hitting the supermarket I always go to the chilled reduced to clear area first.
  • During the week (Mondays and Tuesdays usually) I always find reduced to clear fancy dips for about $0.99 (i.e the really nice ones that usually retail for $4.00+). My guess as to why they are always reduced on these days is because people don't entertain as much on a Monday and Tuesday (and hence the glut from the weekend is still there). I love these dips and find them really versatile (not just for dips). At the reduced to clear price I find that I couldn't replicate the dips myself for that price. I've also discovered that they freeze really well, and I will stock up on them when I can.
  • Today I decided to use up one of my lovely reduced to clear finds to make an amazing vegetarian pasta for a steal. It makes 6 servings, and is absolutely delicious. I usually struggle with vegetarian pastas as I sometimes find them a little bland. The recipe I'm showing you today is far from bland, and even the biggest meat lover will find this dish .......... delicious.
  • Its also so simple, and gives you an idea of how easy it is to use dips to create the perfect pasta sauce.


  • For full recipe with photos visit http://randomdrawers.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/creamy-capsicum-mushroom-and-parmesan.html
  • Ingredients-
  • 300mls thickened cream - $1.10
  • Reduced to clear dip- in this case I picked a Chilli Red, with Cashew and Parmesan yum- $0.99
  • 1 small capsicum- $0.40 (I actually got mine free but if I didn't the markets sell them for $3 a kilo)
  • 100gms of mushroom diced- $0.54
  • 500gms of spaghetti- $0.99
  • Total Cost- $4.02 or $0.67 per serve
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DIETARY NOTES 20-Minute Meal, Quick & Easy


  1. For full recipe with photos visit http://randomdrawers.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/creamy-capsicum-mushroom-and-parmesan.html
  2. Method-
  3. Boil your water for your pasta and cook according to packet instructions.
  4. While boiling your water for the pasta dice your capsicum and mushroom.
  5. Using a frypan and a little oil cook your capsicum until the skin is starting to go a little black in some areas (see photo below- don't overcook), and turn the heat off.
  6. Then place your diced mushroom into the frypan with the capsicum and place a lid over the top (this will keep the veggies warm and the mushrooms will cook ever so slightly).
  7. Finish cooking your pasta according to the instructions, and drain.
  8. Then put the whole tub of dip into the pasta and stir through the hot pasta.
  9. Then stir in the 200mls of thickened cream (do 150 mls at a time), and the heat from the pasta will thicken up the sauce.
  10. Then stir in the vegetables.
  11. Then serve as soon as possible with a little salt and pepper.
  12. Enjoy xxx
  13. Serves 6


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