• Y'all wanted to know what I pull out of the hat for picky eaters with 5 ingredients or less... It's cheap too. I always keep Ramen noodles handy. I actually have a little basket in my cabinet just for Top Ramen (it sounds so much classier to call it Top Ramen, and don't forget to roll the R). Now the way I make it, it tastes good enough for the kids, but it's not that good. It tastes rather awful. The important thing is I get rid of that "wait forever with whiny kids for it to cool" step. Look at bottom for alternative cheap soup ideas to pull out of a hat.


  • 3 packs of Ramen Soup (one pack per child, in my case that's 3)
  • Water
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TYPE OF DISH Soup and Stew
CUISINE American


  1. Grab big microwave safe bowl (I usually use Ziploc Storage containers, or some similar branded product)
  2. Crush noodles in the Ramen packets. Try not to pop it open and make a noodly mess in the process. If you do, don't clean it barefoot. Stuff is like shards of glass and shrapnel just chilling on your floor waiting to slice and dice your foot in ways that make Legos jealous. And why this step? Because have you seen a kid choke on a long Ramen Noodle? It's the most disgusting thing you will ever see, watching them pull a noodle the size of a garden hose out of their throat right before they throw up while you are freaking out preparing to do the heimlich, and then they look at you and smile and continue eating like that didn't just happen. Plus, they can eat this with spoon or fork. Spoon is easier sometimes for younger kids.
  3. Dump crushed noodles into the bowl. Set seasoning aside.
  4. Fill bowl with water that covers about 1/4 inch over the noodles.
  5. Microwave it for 3 to 5 minutes. Let it sit a minute swearing to the kids it's still cooking.
  6. If they appear done, go to next step. If not, microwave another minute and check again and repeat this step.
  7. Take one of those little hand held strainer things, preferably a plastic one as opposed to the metal mesh ones. Dump all the water out with a quarter to half the noodles in your strainer thing. Leave a little water if your kid likes broth. My kids don't.
  8. Run cold water over those noodles until they are cold.
  9. Dump noodles back in main bowl. Mix. Check noodle temp. If too hot still, take a portion of noodles back in strainer thing and run more cold water over it. Don't over do it or it's too cold. Embrace your inner Goldielocks. Find Just Right.
  10. Open seasoning packets and add to bowl. Mix well. Mix some more.
  11. Take a bite to make sure it's not poisonous.
  12. Serve in little disposable bowls of some sort for the kids (paper or styrofoam whatever) with disposable plasticware.
  13. Sprinkle a little parsley over it because it's Top Ramen and deserves garnished. I'm kidding. Don't do this step.
  14. Alternative recipes:
  15. You can pretty much do the same thing with any noodles (or 5 minute rice), water, and chicken or beef bouillon cubes. You can also add frozen or canned veggies to it if it sounds like it goes good with the cube flavoring you got.
  16. In addition, every time I boil chicken, I save the broth, Sometimes I freeze it. I usually prepare it by adding it to some egg noodles and a bag of frozen mixed veggies. Season to taste, depending on the veggies I have. Sometimes I'll add a packet of the Ramen seasoning to it (I don't know how I have extras of those floating around). Other times, I add Adobo, cilantro, Sazon, corn on the cob, tomatoes, and beans to spaghetti noodles and broth. Whatever I got. I just mix it up where it tastes good enough to eat.
  17. Note: These things are awesome. I get them at my walmart, frozen foods section... https://www.facebook.com/pop.and.cook


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