Recovering Moms. Reuniting with child.

Mothers who have lost their children due to addictions and are now in recovery and reuniting with their children.


I'm back. Stories please

I'd love to hear more stories from you beautiful moms out there who are recovering from addictions and even the ones who are still struggling. I sure could use some inspiration...


Gratefully Challenged

After 6 years, my boys Ryan & Cliffton are living with me again! My addiction got to the point where I had to let them live with their father. I got Ryan 1 1/2 ago & Cliff 5...


need experiance

Do any of you have experiance with some of the consequences we as recovering moms face through the long years of working the program? I lost contact with 3 of the 5 children I...


Thanx ladies!!

I just want to thank you ladies for joining this site. I hope you all are enjoying spending time with your precious children!! I gotta admit I don't tend to this site on a...


welcome new members,

Welcome to my new group for recovering moms. If you've had a problem with addictions and are now in recovery and reuniting with your children then, this is a great place for...