Has any one else experienced irritable uterus syndrome?

Nikki - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Irritable uterus syndrome is irregular contractions that dont lead to labor. has any one else experienced irritable uterus syndrome and how did you deal with it? im finding it very difficult to cope especially with a very active 3yo.


Emily - posted on 02/18/2011




I was diagnosed with an irritable uterus with my first pregnancy and had contractions all day long every day from 20 weeks on. I found that drinking a glass of water and/or emptying my bladder helped but just sometimes. I'm pregnant with my second and at my 19th week, and have started contracting again. Two different doctors really had no homeopathic solution for me, and I just learned to deal with it. However, my contractions aren't particularly painful, just annoying/uncomfortable. If you are experiencing more painful contractions or you just can't deal with it, I know there is medication your doctor can prescribe you that is basically just a muscle relaxant. The good news is, these contractions didn't cause any complications at all with my first pregnancy and I believe helped my pain tolerance with actual labor contractions and may have made my real labor contractions more effective (just my own personal theory), as my first labor wasn't a long one - I walked into the hospital at 6PM 5cm dilated (and in no pain whatsoever) and started pushing at 11 PM. It was, however, a little difficult to realize I was in actual labor because I had come so accustomed to having these contractions. Make sure your doctor knows what you're experiencing. They may perform a non-stress test on you - just hook you up to a monitor for 30 minutes and count your contractions. But it's important that they know as they may want to perform a cervical exam more often to make sure that your contractions aren't dilating your cervix.

I feel for you! Like me, you may just get so used to them you don't even realize you're contracting when you are. Take care, and good luck!

Sorry - I just realized this post was from 2010 not 2011.


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