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Wow - Erica, that is a powerful story! I'm so glad you shared that. I'm in total agreement with you. The liberals want to do away with our system and adopt UHC, but our system can be fixed for just a fraction of the $$ they are proposing, while keeping our civil liberties intact. Why is that not a rational option for our nation? I just don't get it.

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Finally someone speaking publically about Nationalized health care. As a person who has worked for NHS in the UK and as one who was in their system, I can see this being an utter failure for the US. The problem with NHS is the inadequate care by long wait times, post code lotteries (i.e. cancer treatments given in one post code but not the other), the fact that the people who are managing your care are not actual doctors in the trust (i.e. I knew a Sainsbury supermarket manager managing a scheme in the Trust its like a car sales manager managing your health care) and the major fact that it is bankrupt! There is a shortage of doctors and nurses in the UK, why? Because of the fact that they can't get UK students to be interested in a bankrupt system that gives them a capped salary. So they get immigrants from the EU to take care of you. Those who speak little English and some who are younger than you.

I know this from experience. I suffered a miscarriage and had a European student who told me she was a doctor tell me "Why are you in the hospital if you are having a miscarriage? That I should just stay home" All in broken English. I was 9 weeks pregnant and I let it rip to the point I made her cry. Not only did they give me her as a doctor but placed me in the maternity ward while all the mommy's who gave birth were breastfeeding!

I have seen the worst of the NHS and I will admit that they were there for me for my asthma attacks during allergy season but thats as far as it goes.

I wish health insurances in the US would add more services and stop denying people for pre-existing conditions. I also believe that if a health insurance company can shell out for abortion then they should shell out for prenatal care and maternity coverage. If I am paying almost $600 dollars a month for insurance then I should get great care. Don't create a NHS just fix what we have!

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I am so glad that you posted this. I live in Washington State, about an 1 1/2 from Vancover. We have a lot of Canadians that come into where I work to shop, and they all tell me they come down here to shop because of the sales taxes they have up there for their "free" medical care. They also say that they come down here to go to our doctors. I was wondering when something like this would show up.

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And by the way Jessica, I am a military wife and I personally spent 3 days in the ER in San Antonio, and the doctors never figured out what was wrong with me. Luckily I came out of whatever sickness I had myself *knock on wood*.

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Well, Christa, they will only have themselves to blame since they didn't listen because of their prejudice.

I admit, I listen to MSNBC, etc because I want to make sure I'm not being biased. But honestly, I can only stomach the utter nonsense that the likes of Matthews etc spew for only a short time, I can only imagine the Obama worship I don't hear..*gag*

Christa - posted on 08/18/2009




This is soo scary! I'm not sure why others can't see it. I was watching Glenn Beck the other day and he had a member of Britian's parliment on talking about the problems their system has. Yet no liberals will listen because it was on satan, ooops I mean Glenn Beck's show. Scary, scary scary!

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Wow! It is so amazing that other Canadian's argue for their system. Like I said in another post in debating mom's, talk is cheap until you are directly affected. I bet none of those ladies who argue for it have had any really serious health issues.

My brother has a friend who lives here in the US, and he just started feeling lousy one day and felt poorly for a couple weeks. He went into his doctor and after a bunch of tests, found out that he had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma - cancer! They scheduled him for surgery within a week and had started his chemo therapy in 2 weeks! Waiting is not acceptable especially when you are talking about YEARS!

Gina I sure hope you post this on debating moms. If you don't, I will.

Jessica - posted on 08/18/2009




This is what I am afraid of. And too many Canadians are in Denial about their health care. I'm glad this women wasn't. I have too many friends that just think it's ok to wait on things that are serious.

And our Military already goes through this BS They should be getting the best health care for serving and putting their lives on the line for our country. But they get crap health care and have to wait for serious things. It's ridiculous! And I think out country needs to open their eyes. Federal run programs suck! It's dangerous to have social health care.

Keep this a state issue and leave the federal government out of it!

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