did anyone else have school problems when Obama was elected

Brandy - posted on 01/27/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My mom got a call from the school saying my 10yr old brother was making kids cry. Apparently they started talking about politics and my brother said Obama was a baby killer and that his parents weren't going to vote for him. It maid a little girl cry because her parents where Obama supporters and he was going to kill all the babies. The school wanted my mom to apologize for what he said even though its mostly true. She didn't apologize but she maid it sound like she did. Did anyone else have something like this happen and what did you do about it?
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Kelley - posted on 01/27/2010




Hmmm, the only personal ref I can use was from the beginning of the Iraq war. And a history teacher was exspousing demo liberal opinions and there had been some kind of paper assignment, and My dayghter felt very strongly in opposition with this teacher, so she collected her facts and presented it intelligently, it made her feel stronger in her belief. We've also had this same opportunity in science / evolution / plate techtonics, and I can promise you the facts are out there on websites like godandscience.org. the same thing for political examples.

Part of this depends on personality, fighter/ peacemaker/ etc. so see what they need to be strong in who they are, because....God is always God.

But the situation for your mom, I personally (at this age in my life) would have have probably had in hand the basis for my statement or e-mail(be guarded, because but truth infuriates people!) The thing I don't understand is why she was expected to apologize? Again if it were me I might first ask if they understood where I was coming from on the issue... If they just get beligerent then I would say no-apology in the world would make you (them) happy, because I'm not sorry for being vocal on the killing of the unborn, but I'm sorry that the other student was so upset by these facts.

(BUT it would be frightening because these teachers now have 6.5 hrs with my child..... She probably handled it the best for your brother to move forward....?)

I would see if some how he might be allowed to still hold onto the truth of his statement, but maybe apologize that what he shared upset her.

This is so hard my son is 12yrs old, and right around 10yrs. old he wanted to be able to participate in these type of issues 'to take a stand' they're boys, fighting is not a negative all the time - it's a young skill to be developed (for family, for a future) but when you steel their voice or you you 'pen' them up - in physical activity, expression, creative ingenuity, you only build anger in them and now you have a problem. Fustration doesn't usually vent constructively.

So teach him to argue with wisdom and knowledge, with respect to others.

hope this might help.

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