Just because it is on the market, does NOT mean it is safe!

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"Please Protect yourself from household toxics" by Debra Lynn Dadd

idea that one's home can be a healthy or unhealthy place to live is
relatively recent. Terms such as "household toxics" and "indoor air
pollution" have been coined only within the past decade as the medical
and scientific communities have begun recognizing that common household
chemicals can have an adverse effect on our health."

"Like most
people, I always assumed that if a product was on the market, it must
be safe. I've now learned, through my own painful experience, that
nothing could be further from the truth."

"Actually most
consumer products that we all use every day are filled with toxic
chemicals, many of which would require special handling if used in a
chemical lab or in the workplace. In fact, in industry, workers are
required to wear special gloves, goggles and sometimes even a
respirator when using some of the exact same chemicals found in just
about every home. Yet, we use products containging these same chemicals
at home with no protection at all and with no ventilation!"

birth defects, genetic changes, hearth disease - almost any symptom
imaginable both physical and psychological has been associated with
chemicals in common household products."

"Recently scientists
have discovered that toxic chemicals can lodge in our endocrine system
contributing to thyroid problems, diabetes, weight gain and

"92% of all poison exposure occur in the home"

"every 13 seconds a family calls a poison control center regarding an exposure to poison at home"

"Personal care products we put on our skin and hair create possible toxic exposure"

2003 a study done by Mount Sinai School of Medicine found 167 chemicals
in the bodies of student volunteers. 76 of them cause cancer in humans.
94 are toxic to the brain and nervous system. 79 cause birth defects."

toxics also affect the environment. the California department of Fish
and Game tested the toxicity of common chemicals found in the
waterways. the most toxic substances were household bleach, all purpose
cleaner, laundry detergent, and dish detergent."

"The environment makes it possible for us to live on this earth. Without it, we cannot survive."

What can you do?
Get Educated.
Eliminate toxins from your life.

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Gina - posted on 03/26/2009




I think that goes for a lot of things as well, like the medicines we take etc... You just need to question things and not believe everything you hear!

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