Nancy Pelosi is a liar

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I watched her press conference today and she's a liar. She's gone from "I was never briefed about torture interrogation techniques" to "Well, I was briefed once and waterboarding only came up as a potential technique."

I'm sorry but I feel she's lying. The briefing took place back in 2002 when I think 9/11 was on everyone's mind and back then most people thought that being rough with terror suspects was okay. Now that it's 2009 and so many people are going back to that naive, let's sing kumbaya, and apologize for everything and they'll like us mentality, now it's an issue.

It seems (to me) to be the same thing that happened with the AIG bonuses. Congress had no issues with it until the American public found out and now there's all this outrage. Same case here b/c I believe that if people weren't throwing a fit over it and calling for investigations and such, she wouldn't have a problem with it.

I loved her "we were misled on the info with Iraq." Hmm, same info that Bush had was the same info that Clinton had to go after Sadaam so what was the problem?? Pelosi just can't stand Bush b/c he refused to play her way and now she's doing everything she can to get even.


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I agree with Christa. I don't actually want her removed just yet. We need her around to make our case in 2010 and 2012.

Although if it's proven that she lied then she could be forced out. Lying to Congress is a crime.

Christa - posted on 05/21/2009




I agree she sucks, but I heard something a repub in CA said and it makes sense. He wants her to stay in office until 2010 because she is giving them a lot of ammo to beat her and any other dem associated with her in 2010. We should just keep the ball rolling and use it in all repub ads about "changing the people running Washington" It could work in our favor.

Traci - posted on 05/20/2009




oh yeah...she's gotten that face pulled tight on more than one occasion! She keeps Beverly Hills in business. lol

Jennifer - posted on 05/20/2009




Shoot, if thats the case, maybe Obama should get kicked out of office too. There is a clip on youtube that shows him making several statments on things he would never do, then does them. Or was he mislead too??

Caitlin - posted on 05/19/2009




Come on- she is a train wreck. Between her and Biden I am not sure who is making 2012 look better and better for us. Just wish they would take Barney Frank with them.

Of COURSE she is lying. She doesn't even know the truth anymore!!! I think she got all messed up when she couldn't find her broomstick on the way to the press conference.

[deleted account]

LoL - there are more than one group on facebook that want to impeach Pelosi...I'm going to join the most credible one...

Gina - posted on 05/16/2009




That's too funny Lindsay... we should waterboard Pelosi! I think she has been caught red handed, and is trying so hard to find a way out of her lies. I think she should be impeached. There is a club on Facebook that is for impeaching Pelosi, we all should join it!

Lindsay - posted on 05/16/2009




I think she should be waterboarded so we can find out what she really knows and when she knew it. She's a liar and she needs to be removed. Had she been republican she would have already been pushed out of office. I want her gone and I want everyone else that lied about what they were told gone as well. I really doubt the republicans are the ones lying about what took place in that meeting considering their stories haven't changed at all. Nancy's however has so she's full of it. It's kind of funny though, democrats have always said President Bush is a moron yet now they're saying he pulled one over on them. I guess that would make President Bush smarter than them after all

Kelly - posted on 05/16/2009




When are people going to realize this woman is insane? Reid is bad, but Pelosi is just plain crazy! There is no question she is lying. She is pandering to the muslims just like she panders to the illegals in her home state. She is one of, if not the most anti-American person that has a voice on the hill. The problem is that people have largely lost their will to care. I have gotten to the point where I can't watch the news anymore, it is too depressing...... I just hope and pray that people wake up and realize that we have to take our Country back! Otherwise we will be speaking spanish and wearing burkas.

[deleted account]

I would love to sit with the press corp and ask her a question, wait for her response, then ask her, "How freaking stupid do you think the American people are?? We are not buying your story! It's so full S*** there aren't enough shovels to clean up the mess!" I'm betting we can prove she lied and get her sorry butt kicked out of office.

Watching her press conference, you could literally see her body and hands shake- she was so tightly wound. You could see the anxiety on her face - even with as many Botox treatments she has had. My husband is a psychologist and he is pretty darn sure she is lying by watching her body language. I'm not even a professional, and I could see that myself.

Another thing, do you see the CIA saying at a briefing, here are the enhanced interrogation techniques we are thinking of using sometime in the future? Highly doubtful. If they decided to use it, they would say so and not waste any time implementing it once they got the green light from Congress - which they did!

One thing though, if she is really 'innocent' and just "confused", then someone of that mental capability should NOT be Speaker of the House!!

[deleted account]

I agree with you! Pelosi is a big fat liar! I think if we can prove she is lying she should be thrown out of office. You shouldn't be able to lie to everybody and get away with it when you are in her position of authority. But I'm sure nothing will happen to her except maybe saying she was confused. What a bunch of liars we have in Washington right now. Why are we even attacking our own people anyway over enhanced interrogation techniques that actually helped save American lives. Are terrorists more important than the American people. I don't feel that waterboarding, the way our government did it, is considered torture. There are a lot worse things that have been done in other countries that I would consider torture. And I feel if it will keep us safe then we should be waterboarding. I can't believe they even released the classified papers on this. They only had their own purposes in mind in releasing it. It didn't do anything to help us.

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