sippy cup? and Temperment? Help!

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My 15 month old, Rylie still goes to bed with a sippy cup and I really would like to stop this habit but I dont know where to start, she has always gone down with a bottle or sippy cup and now I dont know how to get her to sleep without one. Any advice??

Oh and does anyone else feel like your kid picks on you? Sometimes I think Rylie is meaner to me and more of a hassle for me than for her grand parents or baby sitters at daycare. I mean I know when I was a kid I tried to be better behaved when with other families or people but at her age? And I'm very interactive with her so its not an attention getting strategy or communication problem. She gets mad at me for whatever reason (usually when I tell her no) and she hits me, trys to bite me, scratches me even pinches me sometimes, and as far as I know she doesnt do that with other people. Her daycare said she has tried to bite a couple times but she does it to me several times a day! Is it something I'm doing or what? anybody?


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Rachelle - posted on 07/08/2009




Through the experiences I have had as a preschool teacher for 2 1/2 to 4 year olds, I would agree with the idea that you need to go cold turkey on the bottles and sippy cups. It will be miserable for about 5 days but once you get through it, you'll be fine. It's the same problem with the pacifiers. The main reason is for the health of your child's teeth.
As for the behavior, I too believe you need to be firm and kind. When you see her get ready to hit or bite, firmly say" No, I don't like that! Hiting hurts. We don't hit! (or bite). Focus on teaching her what hitting and biting feels like through your firm verbal responses. It can be a normal phase for some types of temperments but it's important that she learns that it's not okay. It's best to teach her boundaries now with these issues to help for other challenges in the years ahead! Hang in there, you'll work it out just fine:>)

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You just have to stop giving it to her and eventually she will get over it. Its not going to be fun for you or her but she will get over it.

I think kids test their parents more than other adults. So she's probably just trying to see how far she can push you. Sounds weird for a 15 month old to do but i think every kid goes through that phase several times throughout their life. I just did time outs and took toys away. It is something they grow out of if you set the limits. I know some kids that didn't have those limits set and they still act like that with their parents and with everyone else now.

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I agree with Krystal - you have to draw the line. It's not going to be pleasant, but it shouldn't last forever. As far as her temperament, it's mostly the age/phase she is going through. Some kids do it more than others. But, you will have to be firm with that too and teach her how to show you the respect you deserve. Start with time outs - if not for her, then maybe a favorite toy that she can only get back if she is behaving well. Good luck!

Krystal - posted on 07/07/2009




Well my son is 8 months old and he definitely acts up more with my husband and I than his grandparents, sitters, or nursery workers in our church. I think he just knows that we are his parents and will be there even when he is rotten. His doctor told me it's a normal behavior. With the sippy I would say just not give it to her and let her cry it out. It's tough and heartbreaking, but sometimes that's all you can do. Start with a night that she is just completely worn out and it should be easier.

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