Yemeni girl, 12, dies in painful childbirth


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Wendy - posted on 09/17/2009




Each time I watch a report, or read a story about the lives of the people of this culture, i am shocked at the brutality and cruelty. It seems that few things are sacred, and innocence is something to be stomped out. Where is the joy? I feel, in my heart that this is what they seek to take from us.....our joy of life. So very sad.

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Need to do research first before replying.

While I might get flack for this here is my opinion.

CNN has played up the fact that this child died in childbirth and while pro abortionist are all over this like white on rice, to me that is not the issue nor can it be.

The issue is plain and clear, this child was married off at the age of 11 to a man who is 24 years old because her sickly illerate father no longer wanted the financial burden in turn he received compensation for. After Nojoudi another child bride made international headlines in 2008 and was granted a divorce from her 'husband' , Yemen parliment passed a law that only a child over the age of 17 can marry. It has yet to enact on these laws.

My view is any religion or race that participates in child marriages is using the word 'marriage' and the institution of marriage as an excuse for sex trafficking. These girls are being 'sold' in a sense they think is right to older men who will pay the family for the privilege of having 'sex' in a so called marrriage. To me that is the issue and there should be international laws and local laws against it. The parents and the so called husband should be put in jail for allowing the sale of the girl, the subject 'rape' of this child, and the murder of this child for not allowing her to receive the proper care and treatment for her subsquent pregnancy and the manslaughter of the baby.

Why this is not an abortion debate because Yemen law only allows abortion to save a mothers life. Her life was not endangered during the pregnancy that we know of. It was when she was to endure a horrific labour of 3 days that her life and that of a full term baby where endangered and could have been saved if she was admitted to hospital! Yemen laws for abortion are uncodified Islamic law. I highly doubt that the so called husband would have allowed his 'wife' to undergo an abortion.

I am a prolifer and I have seen both sides of a very tarnished coin. Abortion would not have saved this girls fate. Education, a change in Yemen laws, advocation in stopping child marriages and treating it as sex trafficking of children would be better recourse.

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Okay, I have the courage to reply. Child marriages are part of international practices that goes against my cnservative views. I adhere to the Christian mentality that women and men should get married, that they should have the maturity to be able to sustain a life together as well as the children's lives that are given to them by God. I'm not disparaging any particular faith however, it's inhumane to expect a 12 year old to not only give birth to a baby but sustain its life. There is nothing else to say about it. This particular practice is barbaric. If you think, I'm advocating for abortion, I'm most definitely not. However, having sexual relations with a 12 year old is an abomination before God. A child of that age should be respected by not having intercourse with her.

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