Respiratory therapist Mommies

Mommies who are Respiratory Therapists. Also, open to anyone who wants to asks questions about Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, Ventilators, respiratory problems and anything open to our scope of practice. We are a good resource for parents with kids who have Asthma and other respiratory illnesses!!! Remember, we are not liable for any questions answered by us.


Worried that my son may have CF

I don't know whether I'm being silly or not, but I was just wondering what you ladies think. My son was 8lb (3.65kg) 20 inches (51cm) when he was born. Pretty average, really....



My 12 month old daughter has been suffering from bronchiolitis for about 2 1/2 weeks now. She first had a stomach bug was better for about a day then started coughing her...


Asthma and how to not freak out

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm from Wisconsin. I have 2 daughters. Emily who is 4 and a spitfire and Breanna who is 6 and she is a spitfire too. Breanna was just diagnosed in March...



I have two children with asthma one is 5 the other 1 , I have to hold the 1 yr old and fight him to do his breathing treatment . Does anyone have ideas to help his treatments go...


5 month old with asthma

So I just found out that my son has asthma. We do have two large dogs that shed alot. I was just wondering if anyone can suggest ways to control pet shedding and dander. Also i...


Does ClearLungs work for Asthma?

Hi, I have a four years old who has asthma since he was 2. He is using the usual puffers Pulmicort daily and Ventolin when needed. I'm reading some really good reviews about a...


Vaccinating against H1N1

I am in my second year of Respiratory therapy school, in Washington. And it seems like there is so much misinformation out there about the H1N1 flu vaccine. From my clinical...



Hi all! I am studying to be a RT. I begin "professional phase" (the clinical portion) in September. I am very excited and can not wait! Does anyone have any advise for...


what to do?

my daughter has asthma and she has an inhaler and a nebulizer. some times it is not enough. any suggestions for anything else i can do in between treatments?



I just had my daughter in for her 1 year check-up, and I mentioned to my doctor that I didn't want her to have her shots, because she still had a bad cough. He then listened to...


hello everybody

Sorry I haven\'t messaged any of you. December was a heck of a month, my grandmother passed away and one of the doctor\'s I work closely with, passed away on Christmas day too....