Rhode Island Young Moms

A group for any young mom in RI who wants some insite or wants to share stories...


Looking for things to do?

Hi moms!! I know summer is almost here and many of us are posting and asking about summer fun. I have a website (free, I don't sell anything) that is simply that... Local ideas...



LOOKING for some kids in the area of Warwick. My 2 yr old needs more playdates!


Hey everyone

hey everyone. I am new to RHode Island and are in search for play groups and things to do in rhode island with the kids. if anyone has any ideas id really appreciate it.


Lets get a bit of info...

Hello all! lets learn a bit of info on eachother... How old are you and your LO? Where are you from? anyone have any info on baby friendly areas or parks nearby? any words of...



I am very excited about this group. My name is Carissa I am 20 and my baby is 2 months old born January 12th, 2009. I am looking to make some friends who will understand all...