Richmond, VA Playgroup 2010

Hey Richmond Moms! Let's get together and play! This group is for Moms with kids of all ages who want to get together for playdates, fun trips, education and the occasional moms night out! We need more of these in Richmond so join up and lets get talking!


New stay @ home mom of 2.

Looking for a play group for my 5 year old. Just had another baby almost a month a go and will not be returning to work. Would like to connect w/other mothers w/ older toddlers...


Still active?

Just looking up some local mom groups. Been in Richmond a year. Have a two year old and a new baby. Would love to meet more moms!


near Fredericksburg?

I started a group similar to this for moms nearer to the Fredericksburg area to get togther for play dates. Check us out! community: Fredericksburg Area moms (va)


Welcome to the group!

I don't know about you but I am tired of going to the park and sitting by myself. Lets set a date for our first playdate. I am open to suggestions on the when and where....