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Riverton Christian Church Mom's Cafe

A friend and I thought of an idea to start a mom's cafe in our church. The cafe' would be a family of moms who meet and talk about difficult challenges we face as moms as well as fun stories and devotional time and prayer. We are interested in finding out if any moms like our idea and would like to join us?! We are looking for any moms whether you are a mom-to-be or your kids are in teen years, we want to all be able to help each other, encourage each other and support one another. If you live in the Riverton, IL area and are interested in joining this group, feel free to email me for additional information at


Fall is almost here!

Greetings Moms! It's been awhile since I sent out an email so my apologies! This summer has flown by and fall is right around the corner. Our school district has been in school...


Don't Forget

Hello Moms! I wanted to make sure everyone got the notice that due to my bed rest restrictions and recovery Mom's Cafe will NOT start this evening as scheduled. Due to this, I...


Mom's Cafe Flyer

Hello Moms! I am excited to announce the flyer is completed and will be printed and distributed soon. If you would like to see the flyer please send me an email address to send...


Let's Begin to Meet!

Hello Moms! I am excited to announce we will kick off our Mom's Cafe at Riverton Christian Church soon! The Elders of the church have been praying for our ministry and welcome...


Hey moms!

Hello again moms! I haven't got a chance to update you on the progress of our cafe. I wanted to get some feedback from all of you on ideas or suggestions! An idea has been...


Let\'s Get Some Ideas

Hello to all! I wanted to give you the opportunity to share as a group some thoughts or ideas you may have for our Mom\'s Cafe! I have posted a few blogs for you to check out...


Let's start a topic!!

Okay moms, I am new at this so feel free to give me some advice! Let me give you my conversation with my little Ave on the way to meet Grandma and you help me for a better reply...


Hey all

OK so I can't come meet at the church! But I'd love to be a part of this over the net if thats OK! It was so great to see everyone over Easter, miss you all already. Joanna.



I want to welcome all of you who have decided to join this discussion. Once we have some moms joining we will select a start date and date of the week we will meet together at...